Inagural Address

Top 10 Reasons Why I Wanted a Watson Blog

10. I have failed to keep my “journaling” New Year’s Resolution for the past 8 years. Maybe this will be the mode of journaling that sticks!
9. This is easier than mass e-mailing friends and family with latest updates.
8. A bunch of people I know have one.
7. I need something to put as my website on Facebook.
6. I need another hobby.
5. Writing is theraputic.
4. Sometimes people get rich from blogging. I’ll get on the bandwagon just in case.
3. I’m a teacher. I need somewhere to keep up with all my hilarious and/or inspirational experiences so that I can write mybook someday.
2. Stephen is a preacher, and we’re just starting out at a new church. I need somewhere to keep up with all of those hilarious and/or inspirational stories so that I can write a book about that, too.
1. I just spilled coffee on my white t-shirt. (Not actually a reason, but it did just happen. This is just one of many hazards of having to go to Starbucks in order to use the internet. That and frostbitten toes, even in June.)


6 responses to “Inagural Address

  1. Reason #11: Teresa needs something good to read while she is living in a country where she can read NONE of the visible words, with the exception of the menu at Burger King!

    But seriously, I am so glad you have a blog. You are a funny writer and I will really enjoy reading what is going in with y’all!

    (note, if you want to let people comment who you know but who don’t have a blog, you can turn on allow all comments, but also turn on the word verification thingy, and then you won’t get comment spam.)

  2. The real reason number one – because Cliff’s blog is so funny and entertaining everyone wants one!!!

  3. Hmm, let’s see. “Why should I comment on your blog when I can just tell you at LifeGroup?” Does that sound familiar, Miss OK-I-Think-I’ll-Blog-Now? Well, I enjoy blogging and commenting too. It’s really easy to post pictures and keep everyone updated. Have fun!

  4. You do not need another hobby; you should take up upholstering!

    You forgot to endorse Mr. Clean Erasers, my favorite product.

    Love you!

  5. Hey welcome to Blog-land! I will definitely look forward to the preachers’ wife stories. I work in a church office, so I know they are there! šŸ™‚

  6. why change?…i like the internal gossip chatter that we are used to…can basically the whole world read about you and what you write?…this “blogging” is making me feel like i’ve entered the gender gap!

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