Okay. Well I have a few ideas for where my posts might go today…but first I thought I would address the questions that have come up as a result of the inagural post.

Does it freak me out that anyone in the world can read my posts?
Not really. I am planning on keeping my slanderous thoughts confined to old fashioned mass e-mails. Also, since everyone in the entire world seems to have a blog, I don’t really think that too many creeps have time to go around reading blogs of people who are complete strangers. The only people that I expect to read this are people that I notified and people who see the link on Facebook.

Did I ever get the coffee stain out of my white shirt?
Not yet. But I did go home and change pretty quickly, and I put SHOUT on the stain. So it should be okay.

Am I really considering taking up upholstering as a hobby?
No. But if my mom sticks with it, I have some projects in mind for her!

Does anyone care enough about my daily life to read this blog?
Apparently. Which is great with me. The way I see it is, this is yet another way that I can get some mail. Plus, even if no one does read this, it is my way of keeping up with stories, which is one of my objectives. It’s a win-win situation.


2 responses to “FAQ’s

  1. Thanks for FINALLY commenting on my blog!

  2. Ms. Dusty Bunny

    In case you don’t get the coffee stain out, those bleaching pens are great!

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