To Do

“A Happy Life Begins with a To-Do List”
-Charlie Brown

1. Learn to play the piano
2. Stop biting fingernails
3. Have babies
4. Become well-read
5. Become an expert in something
6. Take more pictures
7. Learn to cook more meals
8. Learn to mix and match a few classic wardrobe pieces and accessorize with bright and fun jewelry
9. Pay attention to current events
10. Use bread maker, ice cream maker, and fondue pot

(Less likely)
1. Write a novel
2. Have novel top the NYT Bestseller chart
3. Write and direct my own movie
4. Take a year to travel interesting parts of the world
5. Learn to speak another language
6. Have twins
7. Be invited to be a guest on both the Tonight Show and LIVE with Regis and Kelly
8. Win American Idol
9. Ride a horse across the prairie
10. Get Makeover-Story advice on hairstyle, wardrobe, and makeup

Please feel welcome to share your own goals and dreams on the comments page.


6 responses to “To Do

  1. Lydia…I wrote this before I saw that you had written about to-do lists yesterday!

  2. Haha! Well, these are good To Do lists. 🙂

    I actually only have two things on my list. For once I haven’t gone overboard on listing! 🙂 Although mine definitely fall under the “Less likely” category.

  3. I LOVE to-do lists. Really lists of any kind. If I don’t write it down, I will forget it.

    My to-do list for when I get back to Texas: (not in order of importance)
    1. drink dr. pepper
    2. eat queso at a mexican food place
    3. pet my animals
    4. hug family and friends
    5. go get dress clothes for school out of the storage unit
    6. also get all my classroom crap out
    7. look at houses
    8. eat a chicken fried steak
    9. have a cookie monster from Cheddars
    10. wear a sleeveless shirt

    So much to do!

  4. my to do list…

    1. stop letting the demonic turtle living in the fridge run my life…

    that is all…

  5. Whoa…Al is from Canada and quite an interesting guy. (Don’t go to his blog if foul language offends you.)

    I also want to write a book someday. I used to want to write devotionals, perhaps a daily compilation geared toward young women.

    I would also love to travel the world. Some places I hope to visit before I die: Niagra Falls, Italy, and New Zealand.

  6. Have Babies on a to-do list – what in the world. I mean…how does that work? “Hmmm, lets see, what are we going to do today, wait…let me get my list. Ok – stop biting fingernails – check. Take more pictures – check. Have a baby still left to do today, I better get started.” ha ha ha haha ha – that turned out way different that it sounded in my head!!!

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