The Final Lap

We’ve been in our house for three weeks now. According to my original goal, that means that I should have been completely unpacked for two weeks. I am a teacher. It is summer. I have no excuse.

I regret to say that I have hit a complete stalemate. It occurred to me yesterday that the pace of my life is about to really pick up, and it is quite possible that these little projects that I am saving for a later day may end up staying undone until Christmas. AAAK! This is not acceptable. Here are the battle fronts:

1. The kitchen. There are a few hang-ups here. One, I have still not found acceptable basket storage, and so my miscellaneous kitchen non-essentials are piled on top of my cabinets in a very unsightly manner. Two, the kitchen is in the process of being painted (thanks, Stephen!), so I cannot mount my organizational hanging bar over my counter space. I have faith in this bar as the key to eliminating kitchen clutter. Three, I still don’t know where to put the wax paper and Ziploc bags, so the box that contains them is still in the floor.

2. The living room. I blame this on Sofa Mart! I do not have couches, so clearly I cannot make any progress in this room. The new rug defines the living space in a very attractive way, but it does not bring me the satisfaction I had anticipated because it is lonely. The random assortment of seating options that are currently in the living room are practical but quite messy looking.

3. The last boxes. I knew I had hit a dangerous level of complacency when I started thinking that the stack of boxes in the corner of my bedroom actually looked nice there. They are holding “BEDROOM JUNK” so nicely and neatly there… There is also the box of leftover decorative items, and two boxes of picture frames (where did I keep all of those?!?!).

4. The bare walls. I hate bare walls! But I am stumped here, too. I can’t put up things in the kitchen because of the paint. I cannot put up things in the living room because of the couches. I cannot put up things in the spare bedroom and office because I am waiting for poster frames to go on sale at Hobby Lobby. I can’t decide where to put the decorative wall hangings that I do have because I am unsure about which walls to decorate and which to leave bare.

5. Myself. It is summertime and I would rather watch Friends. Need I say more?


11 responses to “The Final Lap

  1. As you know, I can totally relate. Please know that it has been over two months since we’ve moved, and I am still taunted by looming boxes in the corners. Did I tell you that I started unpacking the office and then repacked because company was coming over, and I didn’t have time to finish? I REPACKED boxes, how counterproductive is that??

  2. On the other hand, I did get lots of books unpacked, and here’s what a nerd I am: I have book 3, 4, and 5 in a six book series. I stacked them on some bookshelves, but I had room for one more book. So, I went and bought book 6, but only after looking at 1, 2, and 6 to determine which would be the right size for the space!

  3. Poster frames were half off last week! Check the ad and see if they’re still on sale.

  4. When do you expect your sofas to be delivered?

    I see no problem with temp wall hangings. Just keep a $2 tub of wall spackle around and a few ounces of touch up paint to take care of the hole when things get moved. The putty/spackle is super easy to use and dries in a few hours. You’ll never know there was a nail hole there.

    Maybe you could keep your ziplock bags and wax paper in the pantry until you come up with a better place.

  5. Poster frames aren’t on sale at Hobby Lobby this week, but wicker baskets are! (But a wait a couple weeks, their sales always cycle.)

  6. I was in Austin the whole week that the poster frames were on sale! I knew that I was missing it!

    Abbey…the pantry is full. Maybe a top cabinet??

  7. Hey, I wonder where Grandma is? Surely she would comment on your cute family photo (and the lack of great grandchildren in it) and scold you for not finishing your unpacking…

  8. hmm…maybe Grandma has gotten really busy this summer.

  9. Buy an organizer that hangs on the inside of the pantry door. It could even be one of those fabric shoe holders. You can use it for holding all sorts of kitchen items, and it’s out of sight!

  10. Hey…good idea!

  11. Hey guys if you need help regarding poster frames just visit this site

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