Things to do When You’re Stuck at Home

One thing I have learned about living far away from civilization is that I can’t waste time away from the house like I used to. “Going into town” is a major investment of time and gas.

Since I have had to make trips to Town for the past three days (which always last at least until dinnertime), I decided to stay home today and be productive. Thus this post. Here is what I did.

1. Blog more than once.
2. Check e-mail. Repeat in five minutes. Repeat in five minutes. Etc.
3. Walk down the street to check the mail. Only do this once as it is 102 degrees.
4. Check blog for comments. Repeat in five minutes. Coordinate blog checking with e-mail checking. Periodically place guilt trip on self and resolve not to check e-mail or blog for at least an hour. Break resolution.
5. Dust.
6. Swiffer floor.
7. Read book.
8. Find recipe for church potluck meal on Sunday.
9. Finally get around to printing address labels to put on change of address cards.
10. Watch director’s commentary on favorite Friends episodes.
11. Plan for first days of school.
12. Clean leftovers out of refrigerator.
13. Organize kitchen around painting drop cloths.
14. Place all unsightly boxes of decorative items into spare bedroom closet. (Problem solved!)
15. Clean out e-mail inbox.

Who says life in the country is not fun?


5 responses to “Things to do When You’re Stuck at Home

  1. Yes, I check email and my blog incessantly, too. Which is why blogging could get me fired.

  2. lindsey lindsey lindsey…

  3. Lindsey, poster frames are on sale at Hobby Lobby this week.

  4. sorry lin…anonymous was me…i clicked it on accident

  5. Here’s an idea… how about you write another post??

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