A Baby Blog of My Own

I used to think that I obsessed about babies more than any girl close to my age. Now Karen is my friend and I think that I have met my match. She has posted about babies at least twice in the last couple of months, and so, not to be outdone, I have decided to post a baby blog too.

I think that maybe almost half of my fascination with babies is the idea of getting to name a real live human being. I thought up my first baby names when I was in elementary school. I decided that I wanted twelve children because I had twelve names that I loved. When I was in college, my roommate Jessica and I would spend hours playing the “Baby Name Game,” which consisted of discussing our favorite baby names and writing them out (first, middle, and the favorite last name of the hour) on my giant dry-erase marker board.

Jessica and I decided that the hours we spent playing the Baby Name Game (in addition to countless hits on websites like babynamer.com) made us something like experts. We decided that we’d grow up and hold seminars to help parents make wise choices in naming their children. In these seminars, we would share wisdom such as

  • if your last name begins with a short vowel sound, you should choose a name that ends in a consonant sound to keep the two names distinct. A name like “Anna Edwards” would smush together.
  • avoid putting the accent syllables next to each other. “Felipe Carson” has no flow. This is also why people with one-syllable last names should choose longer first names. “Jane Grant” is choppy.
  • alliteration is great in poetry, but it is silly in a name. People with matching-letter first names and last names (like “Benjamin Barry”) sound like movie characters. That is also why a name like “Anna Nicole” is such a mouthful. Too many N’s! Similarly, beware of repeating letter combinations. That’s why I scrapped my favorite boy middle name (Harrison) when I married a Watson. One “son” in a name was enough.

If you would like more of my tips, you’ll have to wait for the book. Meanwhile, I’m going to wrap up this post. There are so many other directions I could go with this topic, but I’ll save some for later. (You’re welcome, Clint, you Lurker.)

PS- Don’t be offended if your name (or your child’s name) breaks one of my rules. I’m sure you or your child are a beautiful person anyway. Plus, there are all kinds of people who succeed despite an unfortunate name. Take Zig Ziglar, for instance.


16 responses to “A Baby Blog of My Own

  1. you are intense.

  2. But I love it! I love reading your posts. And I agree with your rules about baby names. Add:

    don’t name your baby something where the initials spell something terrible: eg., Richard Allen Taylor

    don’t name your baby something that will make a terrible nickname: eg., Harris Nottingham Hyde (aks Snot Hide)

    Please try to imagine that cute name (Bambi, Crystal, Tiffany) on an 80-year old because they’ll still be wearing it then!

  3. Oh heavens, and watch what you do with multiple children’s names. Here are siblings (not twins) that I saw on our hospital baby site:

    Kinsey and Kinley (sisters) come on, give them a little more distinction than just one letter!

    Cayden and Jaden (brothers) just cuz you spell it differently, it still sounds the same.

    And my absolute favorite: Parents names are Markia and L’Monderick. They name the kid Markeydrick.

    Oh, and Lindsey, for the record, I did NOT have the baby bug in high school or college or even our first two years of marriage.

  4. Oooo, that last name was terrible! How could they DO that to that kid!

    I’m glad to know that my future grandchildren will have well thought out, meaningful names, uh, right? Karen???

  5. Maybe they’ll call the kid Mark?

    The age thing is a challenge… because you can think of names that are cute and fitting for a baby, but how will that sound when they’re interviewing for their first job as a twenty-something or yes, even when they’re 80 years old?

    The only names that seem fitting for an 80-yr-old, though, are like Pearl, Opal, Howard, etc. What’s funny… when we’re 80, the “old names” will be Jennifer, Jessica, Sarah… and when our kids are old, it’ll be names like Riley and Aidan. Weird, huh?

  6. Those old names are coming back in style, though. I’m running into little kids named Henry and Charlie and Evelyn. I think it’s kind of quaint…

  7. Oh man, those are some sick names, Karend. What are people thinking? Funny thing though. Yesterday Jayna and I were walking door to door in the dorm talking to people. Of course in the dorms everyone has their name on the door, and since our school is very diverse we have some crazy names everywhere. Jay and I would try to pronounce every name (most of the time unsuccessfully) before we talked to the girls, ranging from Sudeepta and Sarita to Yewande and Chia Chuing. The one that killed Jayna the worst was an unfortunate hispanic girl named Concepcion. Now that just doesn’t sound good on a person of any age.

  8. My grandmother taught at an inner-city elementary school. She said, by far, the worst names of students she had were Urina and Tampaxa.

  9. WARNING: we’ve had a baby name violation on the homefront. An unnamed couple that we know are having twins and planning on the names Hudson Cade and Jackson Cates. Both very fine names alone, they should not both be used in the same day. Ouch.

  10. pardon me, all you English teachers out there. Let me rephrase that: a couple that we know IS having twins…

  11. One thing to add to the list… if your last name has some part of it that is also a first name, don’t give your kid a double name. Several staff at my high school had this… Steven Stevenson, Richard Ritchey. Why be so repetitive?

    I agree about the twins names that are so similar. You are going to mix the kids up and call them by the wrong name anyway, why make it harder on yourself?

    I picked out names I liked in high school. I still like most of them but Cliff doesn’t like them all so we will have some discussions to have about that sometime in the future.

    And it wont let me publish with my blogger name anymore either.

  12. I don’t know where these husbands get off thinking that they get any say in the names of the baby.

    My special trick is to explain with big sad eyes, “I have been dreaming of having a little girl named Madeline since I was seventeen! How can you take that dream away from me?”

  13. Karen and Teresa-
    My blog comments have been messed up since I “upgraded” to Beta. If it doesn’t work to sign in as “other” and enter your blog address manually, I don’t know how to fix it. “Other” is how I have to make comments on both of your blogs, but it works.

  14. New post! New post! New post!

  15. I know, I know! I’m on it.

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