Animal Planet

I felt like Paris Hilton on the Simple Life when I looked out the front window this morning and yelled for Stephen to come look outside: “We have turkeys in the yard!” Stephen came to look, and corrected me between his fits of laughter, “Those are Guineas,” which apparently is something different. It took special maneuvering out of my driveway to avoid hitting said Guineas as I rushed off to work a few minutes late, as usual.

Later on in my commute, I was watching the sun rise and considering it to be one of the most overrated beauties of nature when I had to swerve abruptly to avoid hitting a dog on the side of the road. The country roads in Bosque county have no shoulder to speak of, and someone had set out their trash right at the end of their driveway. This dog was nosing around in the garbage with one of those giant vet head-cones around his neck. I passed judgment on the pet owners at this time, for whatever wound was supposed to be protected from irritation by the unsightly protective collar was probably rubbing up against germy refuse at that very moment.

My animal adventures continued as I crossed the county line and drove past my favorite commuting landmark, a farm named “Tottie’s Exotics.” Before you pervs out there get your hopes up, the name refers to exotic animals. From the road, you can actually see bison and llamas in the yard, but the real treat are the larger-than-life ceramic statues of other exotic animals such as camels, hippos, and apes. I’ve been waiting all summer for a good excuse to bring up Tottie on this blog, and today my first-ever animal post is as good as any.

The wildlife around me became much less interesting as I cruised into Waco city limits, but in a curious aligning of the stars, on this, my animal-filled morning, my talk radio show host decided to break his self-imposed ban on panda stories. Apparently in Beijing, an inebriated man jumped into the panda cage at the zoo and woke the panda up by petting him. Startled, the panda bit the intruder. Not to be bullied by this great bear, the man bit the panda back. Yes, you read that right.

At 7:45, I arrived at school and walked into my fourth grade classroom. Now you want to talk about a zoo…


14 responses to “Animal Planet

  1. why do you think sunrises are overrated? If I were not lazy, I would wake up and watch the sun rise every morning.

  2. I just mean that they are not any better than sunsets, and you don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to see one.

  3. I remember seeing the Tottie’s Exotics when we helped y’all move. I thought, “Oh great, our friends are living among the crazies.”

    I’m a sunset person myself. No need to get up that early unless you have to.

  4. Mmmm…I like sunrises. There’s nothing better.

  5. I definitely choose sunsets!

    Will you take your students on a field trip to Tottie’s Exotics? Perhaps your class could learn all the Latin names for each species.

  6. All they’d to is try to figure out how to climb the giant ceramic ape!

    But I must say, I’m proud of you for an animal post!

  7. And Lydia saw sharks on the banks of the Brazos, so there is hope for exotic wildlife within the city limits! (I saw a big dead bull on the side of the road once. I felt sorry for whatever hit it.)

  8. I thought about mentioning the sharks in this post. But it was getting long already.

    It looks like sunsets win!

  9. pew nost! pew nost!

  10. Well, I still like sunrises. They just seem different, for some reason. Maybe it’s the sleepiness fogging my brain. 🙂

    I’ve been to the beach and done Dawn Patrol–waking up before the crack of dawn so that I could see a sunrise over the water. It was great. If I lived by the sea, I might do that every morning.

  11. I read on Blogger that non-beta bloggers can now post under their user-name on beta blogs. I’m just testing to see if it works, now.

  12. OK, I’m testing it now.

  13. Hooray! I don’t have to be bitter toward your blog anymore! (Only because of the commenting gliche, I love your posts regardless.)

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