Orange Vests, etc.

Stephen and I recently participated in a Bible study that challenged us to find new and exciting things to do as a couple. So we found this opportunity for us to be together, make a little cash, and earn free hot dogs, and we’ve been at it for about a week: Event Parking Staff for the sports arena in our town. We’re the people with the reflective orange vests and glowing conical flashlights who tell people where they can and can’t put their expensive Lexi (that’s more than one Lexus, in case you missed it).

It’s been a real breeze so far, because the basketball teams have been playing what they call “exhibition games,” which, as far as I can tell, is where this Division I team books a high school JV team that they can cream and loyal fans come to watch the bloodbath. It’s a great morale-booster before the official season opens. Anyway, the three-thousand-dollar reserved parking spots don’t apply until the real season, so it’s first-come, first-serve, and parking is completely left to the whims of the attendants like me, who might decide to send the Escalades down the scenic route and let the junky Hyundai into the spot next to the President’s reserved space.

So here are the things I’ve learned so far:
1. There’s even a pecking order among parking attendants.
2. Some people are just looking to get mad at somebody.
3. Concession stand popcorn isn’t too bad.
4. There’s no such thing as “too many layers” on a cold day.
5. Always plan to arrive at an event at least three hours early if you want a good space.
6. When you think that the orange-vested parking guys are just jerks on a power trip, you’re usually right. But if you are nice to them, sometimes they will give you a ride on the golf cart.


10 responses to “Orange Vests, etc.

  1. what happened to the blog about the blog? Oh well, this was good too. I’ll comment several times if you need it for a morale booster.

  2. wow, orange vests. do you wear matching hats with ear muffs, too?

    my hub and I are doing together things, too …. separately! we each started new businesses, are supportive of each other and pitch in to do whatever’s necessary. it’s fun!

  3. So do parking attendants accept bribes? What if I brought you more warm layers? And do I even want to come to these events?

  4. Laura- I decided not to bring any more attention to the blog situation, although you may have noticed that the Patrick Swayze blog has been removed.

    Carolyn- no, I used this job as an excuse to go buy cute matching gloves and scarf from Target.

    Lydia- yes, I accept bribes. Where do you want to park?

  5. So does wearing an orange vest pay well?

  6. not bad for standing around waving a flashlight at people. not bad at all!

  7. Wow… John and I might have to join the Life Group party that works the parking… seriously, everyone does it except us and Jill!

    So… you have orange gloves and scarf to match your vest? That’s fun!

  8. I’m thinking that the gloves and scarf probably match each other, but may not necessarily be orange. At least I’m hoping.

  9. No, the gloves and scarf are a lovely shade of green. It complements the orange.

    MAYBE I would go for matching orange if it was a pretty dark pumpkin orange, but we’re talking reflective neon here. I don’t think so.

  10. I would… if they didn’t charge alumni to come to sporting events. I’m not willing to pay them any more money… especially now that we’ll have seminary bills to pay. (John got accepted, by the way.)

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