The Road Home is Littered with Good Intentions

I have great intentions of being a productive, industrious person. Unfortunately, some of my other intentions get in the way, such as my intention to read my magazines in a timely manner, to get at least eight hours of sleep each night, to keep my house clean, and to read as many books as I can in a week. I find myself in a vicious cycle that goes something like this:

Arrive at school at 7:45. Make a list of tasks to complete during the day. At first teaching break, check e-mail and new blog comments. Check teacher mailbox for gift from Secret Santa (disappointed again!). Grade a few papers, organize thoughts for class immediately after lunch, and eat sandwich. Resume teaching until 3:30.

After the kids have been safely delivered into their minivans, I return upstairs to the rest of my to-do list. It usually features immediate items such as “make quiz for Latin tomorrow,” “Read up on William and Mary for history lesson tomorrow,” and long-term ambitions such as “pre-plan ‘Christmas Around the World’ event for next week” and “chart out weekly schedule for history lessons in the spring.”

I sit down in the computer lab with my notes and textbooks and find myself distracted by all the teachers’ kids singing along to until their parents are ready to go. I decide to take my work home, where I can cozy up in some fleece pants, heat up some hot chocolate, and work in the peaceful quiet of my study.

Unfortunately, somewhere along the 40-mile commute, I lose all urgency for the tasks on the to-do list. By the time I arrive home, warm from the greenhouse effect and eyes tired from squinting into the sun, Latin and the English monarchy are the last thing on my mind. I am easily wooed by the siren song of my unopened Reader’s Digest on the couch.

Before I know it, it is 5:30 and time for King of the Hill, and then dinner needs to be made and cleaned up, and then it is time for shower and hair maintenance. By the time I have given Callie her daily nurturing and posted a blog, my whole evening is gone, and it is bedtime.

So I arrive at school at 7:45 the next morning with too much work to be done, and I find myself scrambling around trying to stay five minutes ahead of myself, as usual.

It’s time to begin planning my New Year’s Resolutions.


7 responses to “The Road Home is Littered with Good Intentions

  1. karend says there is a problem with posting.

  2. maybe only for non-beta? has anyone else had problems?

  3. I am trying to comment again.


  4. Wow! It worked… but only under anon. and if I don’t try the other two first. OK, here is my real comment:

    I can totally relate to your good intentions. I always try to motivate myself with work first: then play. So, I work Tuesday and Wednesday nights so I can play on Thursday and Friday nights, for example. Or… as soon as I get this done, I’ll eat a cookie!

    I like the different color green. It makes it easier to read for me.

  5. I know the feeling, I have lugged home many a full bag only to do nothing with its contents!

  6. You’ll have to blog about the concert!!

  7. Yay! I can comment again!

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