The Second Annual Watson Christmas

Last year was our first Christmas together, and so we were both on our best behavior. This year was much more revealing. Here are some highlights.

1. The Advent season is all about building anticipation for celebrating the birth of Jesus. The enticement of the presents under the tree is supposed to add to that effect as you delay the gratification of opening (or shaking, or peeking into) the packages. We did not do so well on this. We broke down last week, and opened just one (each). Every night since then, the presents have been an elephant in the room. “Want to open them tonight? We’re grown-ups. Who can tell us not to?” Stephen persisted for a week, until I broke down after church on Wednesday. So Christmas is over for us until we go to our parents’ houses. (Hence, this post)

2. I finally relented and bought Stephen his first game system since his grade-school Atari. It’s a Super Pac-man joystick game that plugs into the TV. Now as I sit here, listening to the blip-blip-blip of Pacman eating the dots and avoiding the ghosts, I’m wondering what sort of beast I have unleashed.

3. Although Stephen enjoys guessing the contents of the packages with his name on them (and consequently, robbing me of all the joy of giving), he does not want me to be able to guess what my presents are. So I opened several packages, only to find the that I had to sort through tissue paper, books off of my own bookshelf, and crap from the junk closet in order to find the actual gift itself.

4. Yes, Callie and Phoebe were included in our celebrations. They each got two rawhide sticks and new ID tags with our new phone number on them. But since they are the children, they are having to wait until closer to Christmas to enjoy their gifts.

5. We have a tradition each year of buying a new ornament for our Christmas tree. This year we are buying our ornaments from Starbucks, since that is where at least half of our discretionary income ended up.

6. The highlight of my end-of-year traditions is buying a new calendar. For the past years, I have bought ones with artistic photographs for each month that I can convert to wall art after the year is over. I now have more wall art than I need, so I got one purely for laughs: its’ called “Nuns Having Fun.” I’ve already put it on the wall, which is really throwing Stephen off. I love new calendars. There’s so much potential there…who knows what sorts of things I will be writing in by the time we get to November or December of ’07?


3 responses to “The Second Annual Watson Christmas

  1. So what was in all those presents wtih the books and tissue paper? I had to do that to one of Cliff’s presents. It was an xbox game, so I am with you on that. I complain, yet I get him a game. But I know he will really like it and he is pretty reasonable with it.

  2. I like new calendars, too. I got one with kittens on it, go figure. And my mom says, “I read your blog,” so I got lots of other things I occasionally mention on my blog… like cat stuff seemed to be a theme and coffee. But no peeps!

  3. So, I take it Beta lets you change colors and stuff.

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