Extreme January

One of the joys of non-digital photography is unearthing and developing a long-lost roll of film. It’s often a fun and unexpected trip down memory lane (followed always by a resolution to be more faithful to clean the desk drawer, or under the couch cushion, or wherever the stowaway film had been located for all those months…or years). Now, on the rare occasion when I take a picture, I use my digital camera, and so I consider the joy of finding forgotten pictures to be a relic of the sepia-tinted past.

Surprise!  Today I plugged in my camera to unload some of our snow day pictures, and discovered photos from my trip to Florida (most of them taken by Leslie, which explains why I “forgot” about them so easily).

So here is our hotel, followed by me lounging in the pool:

(I’m lounging, not dead. This weird picture is here to prove how hot it was!)

And, ten days later, back in Texas…


7 responses to “Extreme January

  1. Your snowman looks a little vertically challenged. 🙂

    I didn’t even venture out into the snow/ice. I preferred to stay warm in my pajamas that day, dreaming of Florida-like weather.

  2. Cute picture of you in the snow. I took snow pictures and keep meaning to put them up, but we didn’t build a snow man. Snow is so pretty! 🙂

  3. The snowman is definitely headed for heart disease with all of that excess bulk around the midsection.

  4. I love the snowman! He’s adorable. I’m like Karen, I didn’t venture out, but I did think about the possibility of a snowman. My dad thought it would be funny if I built a really tiny one and put toothpicks for the arms. 🙂

  5. i love florida! i miss heat!

  6. That snowman and Steve look alike!

  7. i like the snow-dwarf.

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