Good Riddance, January!

January is the worst month of the year. It is very wrong to follow up the comforting white lights and wassail of the holiday season with a month made up of 31 short, dark, cold days. I am tired of my winter clothes. I am tired of having cold feet. I am tired of driving to work in the pitch darkness. I am tired of trying to teach seventeen kids who have mysteriously and universally undergone freakish personality mutations.

Tomorrow is February 1. I can feel my spirits lifting already. February brings Valentine’s Day, which is a great excuse for mid-winter presents and a delicious meal. February brings us one more month closer to spring; in just 28 days, it will be March, the month of Spring Break and flip-flop frenzy at Old Navy.

But most importantly, February will be NOT January. I am taking Beth Moore’s advice, as posted on Prophecies, to start fresh on my resolutions at the start of each new month. So February will be the month of organized housework, pre-planned meals, and increased distinction between my gluteals and upper thighs.

Goodbye, January! February, bring it on!


6 responses to “Good Riddance, January!

  1. I agree! I am tired of having to wear closed in shoes, I am ready for flip flop weather! And I layer everyday because my classroom is cold! Yay for February!

  2. I’m ready for March! I wasn’t ready for winter to come when it did, and I was ready for it to leave about a week later! That’s why I live in Texas! Or maybe it’s because I live in Texas. I’ve never known anything else!

    Go away, winter!! I want my warm feet and sunny days back!

  3. February has been off to a cold gray start, too. I’m rooting for March! Yay, birthdays! Spring Break! And no more bank job!

  4. Glad to hear everyone else is sick of the cold too. I can’t wait for flip-flops either! I’m tired of having to wear shoes that require socks.

    Yay for spring! I love all that comes with it. Tropical-smelling body lotions/sprays, sandals, perfectly sunny days, and bar-b-ques at friends’ houses!

  5. The stinky thing is that my spring break is in february, so it’s almost here, but that means it’s almost gone already. We’re so cool we have our spring break before it turns to spring.

  6. I was remembering how the terrible thing about Narnia when the White Witch was in charge was that it was always winter but never Christmas. That is the trick! The anticipation of Christmas is why winter is so fun in December, and now that Christmas is over, winter is just dreary. Right on, C.S.!

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