List Mania

We’ve had a lot of stuff going on lately, but as most of it concerns crumminess at church and my continued resentment of the cold weather, I’ve got nothing too blog-worthy. So I’m going to fall back on this fun thing, which went around the blog circles a few months ago.

10 Random Things About Me
10. My closet is organized by color
9. I won’t eat the the crust of sandwiches…or cookies…or brownies…or crackers…
8. I want to name my children after literary characters
7. I am my mother
6. I de-stress by cleaning
5. My childhood nickname was Leonard
4. Seventh grade was my favorite year in school
3. In high school, I won a pair of free concert tickets off of the radio (it was to see Dido and the Barenaked Ladies, and it was a really fun event!)
2. I have wanted to be a teacher since before I started first grade
1. I used to have a crush on Dean Butler, who played Almanzo on Little House

9 Things I Love
9. My family
8. My friends
7. My job
6. My dogs
5. Chocolate
4. 24
3. *F*r*i*e*n*d*s* (not to be confused with #8)
2. E-mail
1. Magazines

8 Things that Annoy Me
8. When no one is listening
7. Drivers who go faster than me
6. Needing to get gas
5. Radio deejays
4. When the shower curtain billows into my space and sticks to my leg
3. The rooster across the street who crows in the morning
2. Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, etc.
1. Politicians

7 Favorite Foods
7. Chips and dip, incl. salsa
6. Chicken
5. Potatoes
4. Cheesecake
3. Corn Pops
2. Steak
1. Chocolate

6 Stores I Love
6. GAP
5. Starbucks
4. Barnes & Noble
3. Old Navy
2. Pay Less
1. Target (despite my boycott)

5 Things to Do Before I Die
5. Write a book
4. Have kids
3. Travel
2. Ride in the big swing at Six Flags
1. Read everything that’s good

4 Favorite Quotes
4. “You think that, Jane, if it makes you feel better.”
3. “If you really love Christmas, come on and let it snow.”
2. “I truly believe that happiness is possible… even when you’re thirty-three and have a bottom the size of two bowling balls.”
1. ” Shelves in the closet…Happy thought indeed!”

3 Favorite Authors
3. Jennifer Weiner
2. Bodie Thoene (old stuff)
1. Barbara Kingsolver
1. Donald Miller
1. Jane Austen
1. Brian McLaren
1. Colleen McCullough
1. Chaim Potok
1. Tracy Chevalier
1. John Grisham
1. Robert Frost

Oh wait…just 3?

2 Places I Love to Go
2. Starbucks
1. to sleep

1 Thing I Say A Lot
“Do I have any new comments?”

15 responses to “List Mania

  1. “Chicken” is your favorite food? Not even “grilled chicken” or “chicken alfredo.” Just “chicken?” I feel like all I cook is chicken (yes, just “chicken”), and I get really tired of it. If you have any good recipes, pass them on! 🙂

    And I have to say, I don’t know where ANY of your quotes came from! I have a guess on one, but that’s it!

    Your author list looks intriguing; I may have to check some of those out at the library….

  2. I like chicken in lots of ways. On the grill, with noodles, in salad, in casseroles. Chicken is bueno.

    Does anyone else recognize the quotes? I’ll tell eventually…

  3. #3 sounds like it came from a Christmas song. #2 sounds like Bridget Jones Diary. But I don’t really know. I like the last one! It sounds like it came from a Container Store ad.

    I like chicken a lot too but not the way I make it. My own chicken turns out dry or something. I like it most from other places.

    I like Barbara Kingsolver a lot too.

    And I like you. Hope you have a great day! 🙂

  4. Crackers have crust?

    I hate it when the shower curtain does that… it’s always cold, too, when it touches your skin and it lets in cold air.

    I have a confession… on the original list, it was 6 authors you like and 3 stores. I switched them on mine because I could only think of 3 authors! So, your author list is legit, just so you know.

  5. And my confession is that it had been “6 Favorite Actors” and I changed it to authors because I couldn’t come up with any! 🙂

    And I had that question about crackers, too. I mean, a cracker has a basic consistency of crust. The whole cracker is a crust. What exactly do you take off?

  6. Sometimes they have burnt edges. This is usually just on Saltines, although I’ve seen them on Triscuits.

  7. 1. Pride and Prejudice…come on guys.
    2. Love Actually
    3. Bridget Jones’ Diary
    4. Don’t know this one. Should I know it?

    “I especially like the part where you try to fit an extra syllable in the fourth line”…”I think you’re talking about the line ‘if you really love Christmas… come on and let it snow?’ ouch”

    I’m a fan of this post.

  8. uh, ok, reverse my numbers.

  9. wait, I figured it out! the last quote is also from Pride and Prejudice, right? E.Bennet to Collins?

  10. Yay, Laura! You win! You are correct on all counts.

  11. i totally knew that the quote was from pride and prejudice! ask mom. i knew it from the beginning. i want a yay leslie. i am the winner!

  12. Well I got one of them! And it shouldn’t surprise me that half of them are from Pride and Prejudice. I am embarassed that I have to ask this, but are they from the 6 hr one, the new one, or just the book?

  13. Dangit… I shoulda guessed the Love Actually, I JUST saw that movie!

  14. Karen- I couldn’t believe you missed it!

    Teresa- the five-hour movie and the book are one and the same, in my book. The quotes come from that movie. I hate the new version.

  15. you should create posts like this more often. Look at all the comments!

    And Leslie, there can only be one winner. sorry.

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