Thugs in the Parking Lot

This latest cold front hit just after I cleaned out my closet and disposed of all of my warm sweaters that had mysteriously shrunk into midriff-baring crop-tops. After this purge, I literally had one warm sweater left. (Mom, it’s the black one from Christmas. THANK YOU!) Since all the stores are now featuring springy sundresses and swimsuits, I thought I might be able to find a warm sweater on sale at Old Navy.

I get my nails done at Happy Nails in the Central Texas Marketplace, and last week I had a few extra minutes before I had to drive across town for Pilates. So I zipped across the parking lot to Old Navy, and as I pulled into an empty spot, I noticed several high school kids of the sullen, non-conformist variety standing around an old Geo smoking cigarettes and bobbing their heads to some music.

I was blasting Michael Medved in my own car at the time, so I couldn’t hear the exact tune, but I assumed that when I shut off the engine my ears would be assaulted by some sort of non-edifying whining from the latest indie band.

Imagine my surprise, and my complete amusement, when I opened my car door and was greeted by the familiar strains of…Kokomo.

It was funny. Just thought I’d share.

3 responses to “Thugs in the Parking Lot

  1. Hee-larious!

  2. Kokomo? Is that Jamaican music? Funny. 🙂

  3. It’s the Beach Boys!

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