Summer Shorts

It’s summertime and I’m taking a two-week long class on an intense language arts curriculum, so I’m taking a break from profound thoughts. Snippets are all I’ve got at the moment.

My 2007 calendar theme is “Nuns Having Fun.” The June picture is of about 10 nuns fishing with their habits pulled up to their knees. Summer is the time of year when I am most happy not to be a nun, because even I would tire of the black sheath in 100-degree heat. The rest of the year, a multi-layered uniform has its appeal for its simplicity and warmth. But to me, June is the month of shorts and halter tops, and I’m glad not to be encumbered by strict guidelines of modesty and solemnity.

Our latest Netflix was The Guardian. It was good. Yay for the Coast Guard.

I’ve noticed how certain groups of people tend to have the same conversation over and over again. When it’s a group I’m happy to be with and a conversation that I enjoy, this is infinite fun. When it’s a group I find annoying or a conversation that does not interest me, it tries my patience.

The curriculum I’m learning to teach is called “The Spalding Method.” The inventor is a lady named Mrs. Spalding, who is now dead. The teacher of my course reveres Mrs. Spalding like she is the fourth member of the Trinity. It’s kind of funny, and occasionally scary.

I’m reading a book about a man with two children. The son is named after his father, and the daughter is named after the grandmother. This strikes me as the most boring way of picking names, but I notice that many people actually do name this way. When my girlfriends and I talk about baby names, we almost never discuss family names, unless they happen to be unusually cool. It’s more about finding a name that reflects the personality and style of the parents. We dismiss many names for being too boring: “I’d fall asleep calling my kids in for dinner,” or too trendy: “I like that name, but we’re just not hip enough to pull it off.” I wonder when this new naming philosophy became popular. I think it might have been with the Hippies.

Despite my regular exercising and semi-consistent attempts to eat reasonably, I am still growing out of my pants. This is very annoying and disheartening. Maybe my aerobics class is causing me to gain lots of muscle mass in my thighs and buttocks region?

We’ve agreed to housesit for one of my work friends for five weeks in July and early August. I’m excited to be in town, in a nice house, and in a new environment for part of the summer to avoid summer doldrums. Look for the Adventures in the Moores’ House series coming soon.


7 responses to “Summer Shorts

  1. I loved the Guardian too. Good movie.

    Perhaps you are gaining muscle mass, which would make you weigh a bit more than in the past, but shouldn’t it also make you more slim? I don’t know.

    Have fun this summer in a “new” house!

  2. Short summer comments:

    Yes, I’m glad that we don’t have to wear the nun gear. But I also went swimsuit shopping last week… those dressing room lights make you wish you could wear full-covering to swim.

    Our coming-soon Netflix is Flyboys. Anybody seen it?

    I hope I’m in the group of people with whom repeat conversations are fun.

    “Spalding” makes me think of Tom Hanks stranded on an island with a volleyball. No, wait, that was… uh, Wilson.

    Would the baby names convo be one of those repeat ones? But it seems like every time we talk about it, someone’s got new names to submit.

    When are you exercising this week?

    Glad to hear you’ll be in town this summer! Wahoo!

  3. @ Karen-
    1. I hate swimsuits also. That’s why I don’t swim.
    2. I liked Flyboys a lot.
    3. I noticed that our conversations do repeat, but they are ones that I like. It’s the one about people’s kids at work that I’m tired of.
    4. I am planning to exercise every day. Esp now that I know that I like the track. I might do that on Wed.

  4. I guess right on the topic of the repeating conversations. 🙂 House sitting sounds fun!

  5. Flyboys was good.

    We house-sat …once … on a farm…in the middle of nowhere…hubby lost the cows… I lost my cookies (regularly, I was pregnant)…it was a nightmare.

    Ditto to: glad I’m not a nun; glad I don’t swim much therefore new suit not needed.

  6. Yeah, this will be an opposite house-sitting experience. The house will let me get out of the sticks and into town. Yippee!

    And no pregnancy, either, so fingers crossed for no throwing up.

  7. get a new dang post.

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