Yay Vacay

It was summertime. The Texas sun was hot as usual, and the air was filled with the sounds of happy children enjoying their long break from school. As kids and moms visited museums and built ships-in-bottles, and teachers caught up on their sleep on poolside lounge chairs, those people left in the working world found it hard to get excited about their office cubicles and project deadlines.

Lindsey was a teacher, but she really wanted to be productive with her time off. Karen was a freelance graphic designer, and she enjoyed the freedom of being able to work anywhere where she had her computer. The girls agreed to meet at Starbucks, so they could enjoy expensive coffee and free wireless internet while they encouraged one another in their productivity.

Of course, one can’t work online until one has already checked all of one’s friends’ blogs for any new posts. The girls noticed a trend in their pre-work reading: Jill had posted pictures of the beautiful beach in Cancun where she was going to vacation. Lydia posted pictures of the beautiful waterfall that she would explore with Teresa on their camping trip. MAB posted fun details of her extended stay in the city. (And even though she doesn’t have a blog, they also knew that their friend Brandy was going to California and Hawaii in July.)

“Wow, it seems like everyone is going on vacation this summer!” remarked Karen.

“I know.” agreed Lindsey. “Lucky.” (She always tries not to sound too much like the whining Napoleon Dynamite when she says this.)

“Hey…what if we go on our own vacation?” Karen suggested.

The idea sounded like tons of fun to Lindsey. Since Lindsey and Karen are both dutiful and submissive wives, they called their husbands first to make sure they would approve of such a venture, which of course they did.

A few clicks of the mouse later, a plan was in effect. Karen helpfully made all the phone calls, and now they are looking forward to a long weekend away from home at this beach:

(It’s Corpus Christi…the most beautiful and affordable beach within reasonable driving distance!)

8 responses to “Yay Vacay

  1. Yeah for vacation! Looks very beautiful from the picture. I look forward to seeing more!

  2. I especially love the part about being submissive and dutiful wives.

  3. hahahaha

  4. oh what fun it is to go on vacation. when are you going again?

  5. what! you are going on vacation and i never heard about it?! im shocked

  6. July 20-22.

  7. Sounds like fun! I love the beach! šŸ™‚ I like the story.

  8. Jill Anderson

    Take lots of pictures!

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