Who Needs Scrapbooking?

Stephen and I recently resolved to be more diligent about keeping up with our finances. Last weekend, we sat down with a year’s worth of bank statements, checkbook registers, and credit card bills. Carefully we reviewed each one to track our spending habits and also to find places where our checkbook register did not match the bank’s records.

The whole project took about three hours, and it was a great trip down memory lane. Typical conversations looked like this:

Stephen: “July ’06 was a big month. Here is our check to the mortgage company for our new house…and, oh, look…my first paycheck from the HOP.”

Lindsey: “This statement says we spent $XX dollars at Lowe’s last September. What was that for?”
Stephen: “Remember? That was when we bought our new refrigerator.”
Lindsey: “Oh, yeah…the old one was making those terrible noises.”

Lindsey: “Hey, a bunch of charges in DFW. This was the time that we went to Hurricane Harbor with Josh and Abbey.”
Stephen: “And mine has our charges from the day we spent with Cliff and Teresa at the zoo.”
Stephen and Lindsey: (reflectively) “Those were fun days…”

So you see? This was much more fun than looking at unflattering photos of myself in various locations, and the preservation of these memories was as quick as the time it took to swipe the Mastercard or write a check. Let the fun times continue!


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