Wake Up

Mr. Darcy famously observed that every personality has a tendency to certain evils. One of mine is a tendency to be boring. It’s easier to stay home and watch a movie than to think up an exciting outing. It’s easier to say “no” to a risky proposal than to try it out. It’s easier to order what I know I like than to try something new. Usually I coast along in my status-quo life, but occasionally I take some uncharacteristic initiative to try something new. This weekend was one such time.

My sister Laurashmaura played college basketball. My brother Alan was an all-star football player in high school. My sister Leslie is a cheerleader, which she claims is sport enough to qualify her as an athlete. I am commonly regarded as the family scholar, on a nice day, or else I’m the family couch potato. So when Stephen and I went out to the lake with my family last Saturday, I didn’t even bother to wear my swimsuit, as I had no intention of getting my hair wet.

Laurashmaura and her friend Jayna took some turns tearing it up on the wakeboard. After they finished, dripping all over the boat in all their glory, I started to feel twinges of interest. “Next time we go out, I think I’ll try that,” I offered, imagining this blessed event to be next summer. The family was surprised but encouraged me. And so, to make a long story short, I jumped into the water in my tank top and shorts to try out the wakeboard for myself.

It was so fun! No one thought to take a picture of my proud accomplishment, so I’ve searched the internet to find a substitute picture that documents what I must have looked like:

Now of course, the down side is that no activity short of a car accident could have prepared my muscles for this kind of use. Today I wish I could have called in sick and laid on the bed with my whole body in traction. But it was worth it to be wicked cool for twenty minutes.


6 responses to “Wake Up

  1. I am proud of you! That’s exactly the way I felt when we did the zipline excursion in Jamaica. I NEVER do anything slightly risky like that, AND, I’m scared of heights. So…ta da…I DID it! Woo hoo!

  2. hehe fun! I can totally relate to the whole first part of your post. I am apt to stay at home rather than do something fun and I am also not interested at all in sports participation. But I have kneeboarded, which I guess is similar, and it was so fun! Congrats on your adventure.

  3. yay lindsey.
    you made us all so proud…

    i love you!
    and i had tons of fun with you this weekend!

  4. Yay! You’re awesome!

  5. You did amazingly well. I am so proud! That picture is a perfect display of your prodigy-ness.

  6. Ah ha! I’ve found a flaw in you perfectly organized people–you’re boring! 🙂

    Granted, you’ll never see me on a wake board (so proud of you!), but I’m always up for trying something new or going somewhere I’ve never been…as long as it doesn’t include water, and maybe long drops.

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