Happy Family


10 responses to “Happy Family

  1. There we are…the perfect punnett square. What a happy family!

  2. I think Punnett is capitalized (someone’s name).

  3. Aw, y’all are cute.

  4. oh hush, anonymous.

  5. we so cute…
    especially you, linds.

  6. Sorry to ruin the surprise for those of you on the Harris mailing list, btw.

  7. Linds, did you get a you and Stephen shot for your Christmas card?

  8. Yes. It makes up in fun what it lacks in beauty.

  9. OK, you people are good looking and all, but it’s time for a new post. (I know, I’m not posting much these days either. Bloggers lull?)

  10. amen.

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