Post Holiday Shorts

I hate to admit it, but my brain is still lost in a stupor of excessive sleep, sugar, and movies due to the wonderful long holiday. Actually, I think it may have noticed that I only have four more days left until I have to go back to work and now it is in hiding. Not that I blame it.

I’ll not tax myself too much, for all of our sakes, so I’ll just recap some of the valuable lessons that I have gleaned from the last month of 2007.

  • -Last weeks of school are useless. No one expects anything to get done, so teachers who are “inflexible” because of scheduled assignments are looked down upon.
  • -Similarly, it is better to make a final average with only four grades in a subject rather than to count on grades taken in the last week of school.
  • -While teachers do not enjoy the highest of salaries, nor do they enjoy tangible benefits such as Christmas bonuses, insurance coverage, or a retirement plan, they DO get the pleasure of getting showered with gifts at the end of each semester. Gift cards rock.
  • -Going home to Mom’s house brings out the kid in all of us, for better or for worse. I am glad none of my administrators saw me in a screaming wrestling match with my brother and sisters over whether we were going to watch XMen 2 or Hairspray.
  • -Families are a source of endless entertainment. There is no greater pleasure than laughing with family members at other family members.
  • -Food is always better when someone else has prepared it.
  • -TSO still rocks.
  • -It is possible to have a great time celebrating New Year’s Eve while still managing to be sleeping by midnight.
  • -Despite what your mother may have told you, your eyeballs will not fall out, nor will your brain turn to mush if you watch television for six hours straight. (Hold that thought, the jury is still out on the brain thing.)
  • -Having to work during a vacation is unfair and cruel, even if I do get a vacation that is six times longer than most people.
  • -Other people’s kids are really cute and fun.

Here’s to ’08.


4 responses to “Post Holiday Shorts

  1. I also learned:
    -it is difficult to answer the question “are you taking a grade on this?” while still a.) getting the kids to work hard on it, and b.) staying true to your morals about telling the truth

    -sixth graders give way more gifts than eighth graders. Or, let me rephrase that…sixth graders’s parents…

    Was the six hour of tv watching the A&E version of Pride and Prejudice? If you haven’t seen that, you should! 🙂

  2. One of my favorite past-times is laughing with family members at family members! 🙂

  3. @ teresa- yes, I got lots more gifts from fourth grade parents than sixth grade parents. Definitely one of the perks of teaching younger grades.
    -my TV watching was not P&P this year, but I am a committed fan of that version. Keira Knightly is an imposter, in my opinion.

  4. Is the A&E version the same as the BBC version?

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