New Week, New Year, New Me

Sometimes I like to imagine that I actually have the soul of a brooding and cynical artist, and that I would be most at home smoking cigars in a shadowy salon, lamenting the state of the world, and pronouncing my embittered words with a slight French accent.

However, brooding and cynical people do not watch High School Musical and Hairspray in standard and/or extended versions, they do not buy OK! magazine, and they do not make resolutions for self-and-world-improvement every January 1. I have taken great pleasure in all of these activities in the past week, shattering my illusions of melancholy once and for all.

So here are my sunny and optimistic resolutions for 2008:

1. Cook at home more often.
Game Plan: I have compiled a list of my favorite easy meals. I will cycle through the list, except on the rare occasions when I feel like trying something new. I’ll grocery shop twice a week, getting groceries for meals no more than three days in advance.

2. Stick to an exercise plan.
Game Plan: Trying lots of different methods of exercise is so 2007. I will walk at least three times a week for muscle development and heart health. I have created a fun Power Playlist on my iPod to motivate me to walk by myself when necessary. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I will attend Pilates class for muscle toning and flexibility.

3. Keep up with grading.
Game Plan: Online gradebook must be up-to-date every Tuesday. This is Stephen’s night out, so I can devote as many hours as necessary to keeping this resolution.

4. Develop friendships with co-workers.
Game Plan: Initiate bonding activities outside of school.

5. Purchase good-fitting pair of jeans.
Game Plan: Go shopping regularly. Before outings, remind self that inner beauty is most important. Plan trip to Houston to try on jeans in new stores with fashion consultant Laurashmaura.

6. Be organized.
Game Plan: Never go to sleep with a messy house. Break habit of throwing once-worn clothes across chair in bedroom. Keep kitchen counter clear. Use calendar.

7. Keep resolutions.


14 responses to “New Week, New Year, New Me

  1. Best of luck on number 7. I too echo many of those resolutions.

    I especially was going to look for new jeans as I haven’t bought jeans since I last lived in Waco. I found some good ones at Target and I also bought some GAP ones. They are doing well so far.

  2. Yeah, I like number 7. Resolve to keep resolutions!

    Yuck to grocery shopping twice a week! Although I bet that would work, my excuse for not cooking is usually because the pantry and fridge are bare.

  3. I was just thinking about my bare pantry this morning, as well. Cooking more meals is one of my resolutions as well, and I don’t have a lot of room for inspiration right now.

    Good resolutions! Maybe I’ll get mine up today….

  4. WOOHOO! So when does number 5 come to fruition?

  5. My pantry is by no means bare, I just usually have a bunch of stuff that doesn’t go together!

  6. You all could try the cafeteria plan…you know, if it’s Tuesday, it must be pasta night. Pick 5 tried and true meals you love for weeknights; experiment or eat out on weekends.

    Tu:broiled chicken/steamed veggies/pudding
    Wed:grilled cheese/soup
    Th: crockpot stew or roast/rice
    Fri: pizza

  7. My list is a little longer than five meals, but I plan to rotate through it like you’re suggesting. No having to decide! That’s when I fall back on cereal.

  8. When we stayed with missionaries in Argentina, they used the cafeteria plan, and had 5 very good meals in a week. They also knew exactly what to get at the market and store when they went. I really liked the idea.

  9. why does laurashmaura get to be your consultant and not me?
    i feel so rejected.

  10. You both give good fashion advice, Les…but Laura lives near better stores.

  11. and plus, I’m way cooler!

  12. I live near the lovely Katy Mills Mall… I will offer my consultation services! 🙂 And bring the L’s!

  13. Aw, your sisters are fighting over you. So cute!

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