I had a good week of keeping resolutions. However, I impulse-bought some Oreos at the grocery store today in a moment of weakness. It’s totally against all of my resolutions, but it’s hard to care when this is so good…
Promise to blog for real soon. As you can see, I have been very busy today.


8 responses to “Backsliding

  1. mmm. oreos and milk. i don’t think that counts against new year’s diets. at least it shouldn’t.

  2. And it’s the weekend! Resolutions don’t count on the weekend. 🙂

  3. Man that sounds good! And milk is calcium, gotta have that! So I think it is fine!

  4. it’s practically health food.

  5. Wise friends! This is why I keep you around.

  6. You know, oreos are something I tend to buy every now and then on impulse, too. We bought those Oreo cakesters a few times… they’re yummy, but not as good dunked in a nice cold glass of milk. Yummmmm!

  7. who’s that?

  8. No Spam on an Oreo post!

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