Fun Tag

10 years ago:

  • I was in tenth grade. This means that I wore my hair a little frizzy, buttoned my polo shirts all the way up, carried an “I Love Lucy” daily planner, and had a crush on the boy who sat next to me in Spanish class. He was a very popular athletic type…I’m sure he secretly liked me, too.

Things on my to do list today:

  • Make a dent in my hug pile of papers to grade. (Hence, the fun blog posted during school hours.)
  • Finalize lesson plans for Friday. Start thinking about next week.
  • Watch at least one more episode of LOST.
  • Go out to eat with teacher friends.

What would I do if I was suddenly became a Billionaire?

  • Bribe Steele to change the date of his wedding so that I could attend it AND my sister’s graduation.
  • Buy a house.
  • Put away tons of money for kids’ education and for my retirement.
  • Leave big tips.
  • Buy new clothes.
  • Plan European vacation.
  • Set up a huge endowment at my school, and make other charitable contributions to church, literacy projects, and the March of Dimes.

Three of my bad habits:

  1. Wasting time at work.
  2. Imagining conspiracies against myself.
  3. Being lazy.

Five jobs I have had:

  1. teacher
  2. camp counselor
  3. cashier/hostess at steakhouse
  4. cashier/stock girl at college bookstore
  5. test proctor at a fire school (this one was by far the least work for the most money)

Five things people don’t know about me:

(I have tried this before and none of them were surprises after all, so I’m trying again…)

  1. I once considered going to film school and becoming a screenwriter.
  2. I try to read The Chosen once a year.
  3. I hate birds.
  4. George W. Bush said hello to me one time when I was visiting the Texas capitol building. (he addressed my whole group, to be fair)
  5. I generally do not worry about germs, except when I am doing laundry.

I tag KarenD, Jill, and anyone else who thinks this is fun.


10 responses to “Fun Tag

  1. you didn’t put biting your nails as a bad habit.

  2. “What would I do if I was suddenly became a Billionaire?”

    Is that Greek grammar Yoda?

    Same goes for you T-resa!

  3. Its all Kasey’s fault! And the desire to go be a screenwriter explains your mad play-writing skills!

  4. @ Leslie- I only had room for 3 habits!

    @ Cliff- I’m embarrassed and ashamed that I did not catch the grammar weirdness. I’ll blame Kasey, too.

  5. How could you hate birds? Oh, wait…you live in Waco…. Those birds are scary.

  6. I want to play. Does everyone answer the same questions?

  7. Go ahead, Mom! You can answer the questions in a long comment since you don’t have a blog. Just copy and paste and delete my answers.

  8. Ten years ago:
    I had kids in pre-k, elementary, jr. high and high school, my mom was in an intensive care hospital, and I was in the process of gaining the ten extra pounds I now need to get rid of, because I ate so many boxes of maple sugar candy while driving to Dallas to visit the hospital.

    Things to do today:
    1. Walk at least 25 minutes, really fast (the aforementioned 10 pounds).
    2. Pick my side trips for my 30th anniversary cruise.
    3. Watch Lost with Leslie.
    4. Finish reading A Painted House by John Grisham (I really like it a lot, Lindsey.)

    If I were a billionaire:
    1. Finish funding our retirement plan so we can relax and quit worrying about it.
    2. Build the next phase of our school building and sponsor several chairs for teaching positions.
    3. Take my whole family on a European vacation.:)
    4. Let Mike retire early so we can be missionaries as much as we want to.

    Three bad habits:
    1. Sneaking bites of chocolate when I am supposed to be eating healthy.
    2. Reading past my bedtime.
    3. Gossiping.

    Five jobs I have had:
    1. Waitress at Pizza Hut
    2. Counselor at MHMR
    3. Teacher
    4. Mom (best job so far, until Grandmom)
    5. Human Resources Secretary at a large department store

    Five things you may not know:
    1. I have a weird crush on Johnny Dep.
    (mostly as Jack Sparrow.)
    2. I really like asparagus.
    3. I really don’t like overflowing trash cans.
    4. I type things out in the air with my fingers when I am bored.
    5. I once spiked the punch at a Future Homemakers of America party.

    Are any of these things surprises to my family? just wondering…

  9. @ mom. yay lost!!!
    and. you spiked the punch? wow.

  10. On my to do list:

    1. Figure out a way to get Lindsey a billion dollars so that her #1 wish can be fulfilled.

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