No Words…

It’s pouring rain outside.

Grades are due tomorrow morning, and my stack-o-stuff to grade has been overwhelming.

The annual 4th grade play is next week.   So is our big auction fundraiser, which always keeps me busy assembling some sort of student-made art project.

I spent the weekend playing in Houston, enjoying family and beautiful weather.

The Kite Runner is a really good read.

From the look of my blog stats and blog lurking, no one is reading or writing much anyway!

That’s why there have been no new posts.  Hopefully soon.


6 responses to “No Words…

  1. yay houston and family time.

  2. lurky mclurkerson.

  3. I’m still here!

  4. Yay Houston indeed! 🙂 Glad we got to see yall!

  5. Ok, since I check your blog everyday, I suppose I’ll leave a comment. I loved Kite Runner. I highly recommend his next book, Splendor of A Thousand Suns.

  6. I’ve heard good things about the second book. I’m definitely going to pick it up!

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