Team Effort

There’s nothing like a glimpse of my scantily clad self in the Target dressing room mirror to help me renew my enthusiasm for getting in shape. My new fondue friend Dan says that vanity is a bad motivation for exercising, but I’ll take whatever motivation happens to strike.

Stephen and I were in Target shopping for Laurashmaura’s birthday gift (I was in the dressing room trying on clothes for her), and after my little dressing room incident I shared my resolution. I’ve got to step up my exercising–my occasional Pilates sessions with Kay and Pat are just not cutting it. Stephen volunteered to be my new personal trainer.

Now this sounds crazy, but I agreed to try it out. Stephen doesn’t really enjoy exercising any more than I do, but he’s motivated by the fact that he now gets to boss me around, and he exercises alongside of me. So Tuesday was our first workout, and he made me do squats and lunges in the living room. We also took the dogs for a brisk walk and did a million crunches.

Wednesday, I started to feel it.

Thursday, I almost had to get a sub because I couldn’t climb up the stairs to my second-floor classroom. Stephen tried to convince me that another workout was all my sore muscles needed, but I rebelled. I tried my own remedy: laying on the couch with my new issue of Good Housekeeping and letting Stephen cook dinner.

I think it worked, because I am feeling a little better today. I’m off of school, and we’re going to head up to Dallas with my family for the weekend to celebrate Easter, Six-Flags style.  If I count tomorrow’s day at the park, that will be three days of working out this week!  I’m feeling more fit already.

2 responses to “Team Effort

  1. I need to work out, too! I’m going to try and start back up next week.

  2. hey linds.
    you should steal that quote list from laura and make it a blog.
    it would be very entertaining.

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