I Love My Heeb

Two times now, H-E-B has saved my life. Several weeks ago, I accidentally picked up some chicken that was past its expiration date. I hate grocery shopping and go through the store as quickly as humanly possible, so I didn’t notice that the chicken smelled less-than-fresh. However, my attentive teenaged cashier noticed, and sent the bag boy to fetch me some fresh meat. He brought back two trays of chicken worth more than what I had already paid, and they told me not to worry about the difference. So not only did we get to eat an extra .05 pound of chicken for dinner, we were also spared an untimely death or an expensive hospital stay.

So Wednesday I went shopping again. In my mad rush to complete the chore, I picked up a dented can of green beans. I actually noticed the dent in the checkout line as I put my items on the conveyor belt, and the thought of death by botulism-induced respiratory failure crossed my mind, but as I weighed my options, carrying home potential death-in-a-can seemed less of a hassle than returning the can to the shelf when I was so close to checking out.

However, for the second time, an attentive cashier came to the rescue. “I need you to go get this lady a new can of green beans!” he commissioned a nearby employee. “Never sell a dented can to a customer!” This last command was loud enough to be instructive to the cashiers in nearby lanes as well.

So I finished checking out and the errand boy had not returned with my non-dented can of green beans. I told the bag boy not to worry about it. I wasn’t going to wait around for a can of beans that cost less than a dollar. I briskly headed out to my car.

I had just gotten the trunk opened up when I heard footsteps and panting breaths behind me. It was the bag boy, chasing after me with my can of green beans! He handed them to me, unloaded the rest of my groceries, and took my basket back to the store, saving me the trip.

You don’t get service like that just anywhere! Here, Everything really is Better!


3 responses to “I Love My Heeb

  1. wow.
    i’m impressed.

  2. now that’s quality.

  3. Oh, good ol’ HEB, I miss it so. Be thankful for friendly people and good prices. Kroger and Tom Thumb just don’t do it…

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