I’ve got three days’ worth of clothing in a tiny duffel bag.  All of my liquid toiletries are in 3 oz. containers or smaller.  I’ve got a sub lined up for tomorrow…so I’m ready to go!

It’s not much of a vacation, but it’s what we’re getting this year.  We’re flying out to Phoenix in the morning for the wedding of our friends Steele and Megan.  Stephen is in it…for those of you who haven’t heard, he’ll be wearing a tux just like the one James Bond wore in some movie from a long time ago.  It’s called “English daytime formal”- which means tails, a top hat, and gloves.  Yes, I’ll post pictures.

As of next Tuesday or so, all of my work for the school year will be over except for a few more days of babysitting in the classroom, so I’ll finally be able to blog without feeling guilty about the paragraphs I should be grading or the student assessments I should be writing.  See you again then.


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