All pictures courtesy of Leslie’s borrowed digital camera. Muchas gracias.

Here we are!

Our rented Santa Fe got us around town in style.

The cute church where the wedding took place. Ignore the shadowy faces.

A better look at Stephen in his groomsman get-up.

The lovely bridal party.

The other happy couple.

While we were in Phoenix, we caught up with my great-uncle D.C. and his daughter Karen, some of my far away relatives on my mom’s side.

Overall, the trip was very smooth, which I was proud of because this was one of the first trips I’d planned all by myself. I wasn’t sure how it would be getting a rental car and trying to find my way around an unfamiliar city, but everything was great! The funniest moment of the trip was when our return flight to Dallas got delayed, and we ended up sitting on the tarmac in our plane as our connecting flight to Killeen was scheduled to board. When we finally got off the plane, we ran as fast as we could (bags in tow) to another terminal to try to make the flight. As we reached our gate, gasping and panting at the check-in counter, the flight attendant informed us that our flight was not taking off for another hour. So yes, it was a waste of all that exertion, but at least I had time to use a potty on land and get some overpriced McDonald’s before the last leg of the trip.

As always, though, it’s been good to be home.


3 responses to “AZ

  1. Fun! I want to hear more about the trip. I forgot to ask during dinner!

    Oh, BTW, nice suit Stephen. Haha. 🙂 It’s fun to wear interesting outfits at special occasions.

  2. haha. tophats.

  3. Cool outfits. Looks like a fun trip. When do you get out of school?

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