On the road again

Well, in case you haven’t heard, we’re gearing up for our annual summer move. True to tradition, we have made sure to wait late enough into the summer to almost guarantee that temperatures will be over 100 degrees on the day of the move. We’re moving to a house in Temple that we’re very excited about, but the current question looming over our heads is this: Do we try to pull off one more amateur move, or do we suck it up and hire movers for this trip?

Either way will be expensive. Renting a truck will cost upwards of $100, plus the cost of gas for a distance move and pizza/water/soda for all of our helpful friends and family.. So, roughly, this would be between $200-$250.

The best deal I found on movers was for $115 an hour for three burly moving men. If these guys can move like greased lightning, I’d hope to have them finished (including driving time) in three hours. That gives them almost an hour on each end for loading and unloading, and a little over an hour for driving (round trip). Best case scenario, I think it would cost us about $350. But there’s always the chance that these guys might not move quite as quickly (the guy on the phone estimated seven hours, which I think is outrageous, but even a time somewhere between our guesses would be a significant price increase).

Due to our economic stimulus check and a couple of other unexpected one-time income opportunities, we could actually swing the cost of movers. But, there are lots of other costs associated with this move and getting settled into the new house that I would gladly spend the money on. Basically, it boils down to this: can we actually ask our friends and family to help us move…in AUGUST…for the third summer in a row? (For the record, they’ve all graciously pledged their support. But, at the same time, everyone’s eyes light up when they hear we’re considering getting professionals)

I really can’t decide if hiring movers is compassionate or extravagant. Any thoughts to assuage my guilt either way?


12 responses to “On the road again

  1. A couple of other thoughts-

    1. We’ll be having to move on a Friday or other weekday. So this might rule out lots of our volunteers.

    2. The new house will be open to us before the scheduled date of the move. We could move lots of our own boxes beforehand to cut down on the work that the movers have to do- basically just leaving them with a few boxes and the heavy furniture.

    Okay, now please advise!

  2. If you think that you can get most of the small stuff and just leave the heavy lifting to the movers, I think that might be the way to go. However, when it’s hourly like that, there’s no incentive for those guys to go any faster than they have to.

    Maybe if you do most of the stuff beforehand, it will just require the help of a couple guy volunteers to do the big stuff, then have a weekend, indoor get-together to help you unpack!

  3. Ugh. I’ve done both types — from college station to pearland in June with amateurs and then from pearland to katy in august with movers. All I can say is I will never move again without hiring someone else to do it. We just had them load everything into their truck at destination 1 and then unload into the garage at destination 2 to cut down on time. The only other thing the movers did was move massive furniture upstairs so we wouldn’t have to; we then unloaded the boxes and unpacked at a pace that was conducive to my very fickle self.

    Ours cost about what you are estimating (I think??) but it was worth every penny. Convincing Luke and my dad to hang pictures and unload/wash plates and make beds was much easier since they hadn’t been schlepping boxes all day.

  4. you know, it’s just too bad that i am out of the country while all this is going on. i so wanted to help you move and do all the hard work for you. bummer.

  5. I vote for volunteers…here is why. You can move the little stuff by yourself. Then ask your friends in Waco to help load the truck, and your freinds in Temple to help you unload. Then, no one is around long enough to feed. Just have some drinks and maybe a few granola bars available. That will just cost the truck/gas and then $10 at the grocery store. Lucky you have friends in both locations 😉

  6. hmm, good thought, abbey.

  7. Keep in mind that with the cost of gas, many small trips to Temple may end up being more than just having the movers move it all at once. If the movers you are considering are the same ones Karen and I used (sounds like the same price), then don’t worry about them working more slowly to get things done. They were very hard working and helpful. I did not see them slacking off once (in the two moves we have used them for). Basically, if you hire professional movers, they need to be just that: professional. Of course, all that being said, we of course will be happy to help as we are able if you decide to go the friends route.

  8. Pay for the movers. Just look at it this way…they need work to feed their families and you are just providing them an opportunity to work. PAY FOR IT!!!!

  9. but what about feeding her own family?

  10. Comment to Leslie: Check your dates, child. You WILL be here. 🙂

  11. i know.
    but i won’t be there for all the dirty packing/painting.
    but i’ll be sleeping when they actually move.

  12. @ Leslie- I seem to remember you sleeping through our moving day last year, too, and you hadn’t just come home from Italy!

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