Blah blah blah

Thanks for all the good feedback on the movers question. I change my mind almost every day on what I want to do…today I’m leaning more toward a DIY move, because I’m fixated on wanting a stackable washer and dryer and I need to save every penny to afford one right away. But we’ll see.

I added it up, and this is my fifth summer in a row to move. I am finally tired of moving. I’m looking forward to the new house, and I’m even looking forward to unpacking, but I DO NOT LIKE PACKING ANYMORE. My mom was nice enough to come help me for a day, and together we put a huge dent in the project. I think one more good day of help and I can get it finished. Hooray!

It’s always a very vulnerable thing to let someone else pack my stuff. There’s just no telling what might be hiding behind my thin veneer of cleanliness! Only dear old mom could fish a forgotten bag of potatoes (now, barely resembling spuds in any shape or form) from the bottom of the pantry and not judge me as a housekeeper (at least, not too much).

Anyway, I’m having a great time looking forward to the new place. I’ve been browsing for some fresh new wall art, and I am toting a million paint swatches around in my purse to see which one I love most. We’ve gotten to walk through the house a few times in the last week, and I’m having fun dreaming about what do do with the new rooms.

Anyway, packing and planning is consuming my thoughts right now, so I’m not expecting to win a Pulitzer for any of my blog posts over the next few weeks. You’re all great pals for still checking in.


4 responses to “Blah blah blah

  1. Carolyn Dickinson

    So are you renting or buying? What paint colors are in your purse? When’s the big day?

  2. got any pictures of the new place? are you free any next week for a b/cs meeting?

  3. @ Carolyn- We’re renting. I’m going with some shade of brown/tan for most of the house, and slate blue in the kitchen. The big day, tentatively, is August 1! Not too far away!

    @ Teresa- no pictures yet, but soon! Let’s talk through e-mail about getting together.

  4. I like the “dear” part; do I also have to be “old”?

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