No one is as thankful as we are for a little drop in gas prices this week, and it reminded me of one of my favorite funny pictures from our San Diego stash.  You would have had to look pretty closely at the digital scrapbook to have seen this, so I hope it’s not too redundant.

Stephen made fun of me for taking a this picture at the time, but I was a tourist, and I was horrified that people in California would pay SO MUCH MONEY for a gallon of gas.  Ah, to be young and innocent again.


3 responses to “Nostalgia

  1. very nice.

  2. I remember when gas prices broke the $1.00 mark. My parents were horrified and predicted the end of the world. I read somewhere that compared to other things, gas prices had not increased all that much. But then I did have to fill the pickup from empty the other day and it was $98.97. No fun, sir.

  3. I can’t believe how shocked I was about how high the gas prices were in California! I would hate to have to pay that much for a tank of gas!

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