So, in my current tradition, I am completing another belated tag. This one is from Laura, a new friend of mine from church. Laura and I got to know each other in a book study group this past summer, and she has two really cute little girls and a cool husband who is helping Stephen out with the youth.

Here are the rules: 1. Link to the person who tagged you 2. Mention the rules on your blog 3. List 6 unspectacular quirks about yourself.  4.  Tag others.

I’ll try to be creative and think of things that you have never heard before!

#1- I have an unspectacular special gift: I am really good at picking out good avocados. I haven’t come home from the store with a bad one in my recent memory.

#2- I am definitely an unspectacular cook. I do cook relatively often, but I’m not a great cook. My best meals are made with very limited ingredients and idiot-proof recipes. My worst meals happen when I try to be creative or try new things.

#3- I’m an unspectacular dresser. As much as I like to watch What Not to Wear, my own clothing choices are very blah. I don’t really make much of an impression either way, good or bad. This is a result of two factors- my lack of confidence to take risks, and my lack of a budget to buy really nice pieces.

#4- I’m unspectacular at phone conversation. I don’t like it; I’d always rather e-mail. It makes it hard to keep up with my dearly beloved long-distance friends and family. That’s why I hope they just all read this blog. And I wish they’d all start blogs of their own, so we could always be up-to-date.

#5- I’m an unspectacular housekeeper. I’m actually quite sneaky here, because I’m good at keeping clutter picked up, for the most part, so my house usually looks clean. But don’t go over my bookshelves with a white-gloved hand! Don’t look underneath the couch! Don’t lick the floor! If it doesn’t look dirty, I’m good to go. The invisible world of germs and under-the-furniture dust bunnies is outside of my concern.

#6- I’m a very unspectacular singer. I love listening to music of all kinds, and I have been known to sing along very loudly if I’m alone at home or in the car. But I think that my natural vocal range is less than one octave, and if I get outside of that range, it’s not pretty. At church I usually have to either mouth the words or change octaves many times within the song. Sometimes I just get tired of the whole effort and I don’t sing at all, which makes me look very unspiritual.

So there you go! I tag all of my unspectacular blogging friends.


3 responses to “Unspectaculars

  1. i think you’re spectacular.

  2. suckup

  3. You’re just jealous because Leslie and I are such BFFs now.

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