All You Need to Know about My Family

There’s been a great e-mail conversation that’s been filling up my inbox lately that is a nice glimpse of what sort of folks I’m lucky enough to share genes (and, often, jeans) with.


Subject: Family time

We were toying with the idea of trying to plan a family vacation next summer. I know everyone is busy, but I thought if we planned wayyyy ahead maybe we could get it done. We were thinking of the week before July 4, so that starts about June 26…probably to return before the holiday as in July 2 or 3. So—does anybody know they could NOT go on a vacation then? Does anyone not WANT to go? Better not say yes to that question…

What would we want to do? Here are some of my ideas: rent a beach house, rent a mountain cabin, go on a cruise, drive to California, drive to Branson, drive to Waco, go camping…



Subject: Re: Family time

I vote for a road trip! Let’s go to California so that we can spend long hours together in the car, playing games and all getting along. But that’s just my opinion…I’d be happy with whatever everyone else wanted to do.


FROM: Alan (MR. MAN)

Subject: Re: Family time

I vote no on the cruise idea. Let’s go to the mountains, where we can go whitewater rafting and hiking.



Subject: Re: Family time

I love the hiking idea, but let’s choose a destination where we can hike on sidewalks and make lots of stops at museums and historical sites. Oooh, or somewhere with celebrities!



Subject: Re: Family time

Let’s go to Alaska. Maybe we’ll see Sarah Palin.



Subject: Re: Family time

I don’t care where we go, as long as I can buy a new swimsuit before hand and get a good tan while we’re tehre.


Note that the only person absent from the discussion is Dad. He’s to busy to respond to e-mail, as he has started working overtime at the office in anticipation of our great shindig.

On a related note, if you have a suggestion for a great family road trip, pass a tip along!


5 responses to “All You Need to Know about My Family

  1. You could still go on a cruise AND go hiking. Just choose a cruise with a fun port of call, and lots of choices for excursions. It’s a great activity for a large family because you can eat dinner together every night and do a lot things as a group. But everyone has the option to go seperate ways from time to time on shore excursions and on-board activities. Just choose the right cruise line. (I vote for Disney or Royal Carribean)

  2. I am intrigued by your mom’s suggestion of driving to Waco. What a great place to vacation! 😛

  3. You should rent a cabin in Tennesseee. There is sure to be hiking nearby. Cabins have game tables and jacuzzis on balconies with great views to look at. Its fairly cheap and the whole family can hang out and play games/watch movies. And there are nearby towns like Gatlinburg to do stuff in. With sidewalks. I don’t know if the tan would be possible, but maybe. At least that is what we know from lots of websites, I haven’t actually done it, but would love to. 🙂

  4. I’m a big fan of Branson–Silver Dollar City to be exact. Plus there’s a great lake there with boats to rent, etc.

    Or, I’m with Abbey on the cruise idea. She makes a good point about being able to do your own thing sometimes, which is nice no matter how much you like your family! We found some great deals for cruises on We went Carnival, but I would pick Royal Carribean next time.

  5. I vote CA! You can see celebrities, go shopping, and go hiking/camping! So far, every person who has come to see us has seen a celebrity. 🙂

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