Life is Good.

I’m coming off of three days of awesome hang-out time with my swell siblings and cool and fun parents.  We had our family Christmas last night, complete with all of my favorite traditions: stockings, breakfast, Elf Leslie, Mom’s cocoa, and new pajamas!  Having the family together is my favorite happiness and it is harder to pull off now that Laura is all grown up now.

Today all the girls in the fam gathered in my kitchen (my evergreen countertops contributing to the festive atmosphere) and we did all of my holiday baking.  Laura and Leslie and I cooked while Mom worked on a sewing project.

For the rest of the week, I am looking forward to time with the other side of the family and a fun road trip to see some folks and some sales in Houston!  I LOVE Christmas!

I hope that all of you friends out there are enjoying the sweetness of rest, family, and peace this week.


3 responses to “Life is Good.

  1. I wish I could be home for 6 weeks like alan!

  2. you would have to build a fence.

  3. new post new post!

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