One of my Favorite Days of the Year!

January 1 is my most optimisic day of the year.  So much hope!  So much possibility!  What wonderous things will I do or see in the next 365 days?  I bought a page-a-day calendar at Barnes & Noble today and enjoyed flipping through the pages of December, imagining where I might be in the final days of 2009.  Only time will tell!

Of course, none of my future fantasies would be complete without some lofty goals for self-improvement.  And so, my annual Resolutions:

1.  I’m past the point of hoping to fit into my wedding-shower capri pants.  So here is my new idea- I want just to plateau this year.  Between my new and improved diet and exercise (see below), my goal is that next Christmas, I can still wear the really cute pants that I bought for myself this Christmas.  Surely that’s not too much to ask?

2.  Remember Simple ’til Six eating principles in snack food and dinner prep.  I plan to cook at least four meals a week, varying my meats:  Beef Night, Chicken Night, Fish or Pork Night, and Vegetarian Night.  I’ve discovered that I LOVE Honeycrisp apples, so they will be a staple snack food for the year.

3.  Keep exercising.  I’ve been going to Curves and I’m paid through March or so, so I plan to keep up with that at least three times a week until then.  Old lady hangout or not, it’s a pretty good workout.  It definitely burnes more calories than sitting on the couch watching America’s Test Kitchen, which is my other favorite thing to do after work.

4.  Keep up with resolution to keep house crap-free.  We’re hoping to move into the final rooms of the house by Febuary, and my NEW STACKABLE WASHER AND DRYER will be in by February, so that means that everything will be in its final resting place within about five weeks.  From there, it’s my job to make sure that there is a place for everything and that everything is in its place, just like I like it.  (What does the dryer have to do with anything?  If you haven’t been to my house, the dryer is currently occupying prime real estate in the kitchen, and once I can stack the units, they can both be in the laundry closet.  Yay!)

5.  Continue edification of brain.  I’m participating in two book clubs and I’ve got a great stack of to-reads from this year’s library book sale.  I’m hoping to get a lot of good reading done this year!  To balance out my nerdiness, I’ll be continuing my diligent attention to the story lines of The Office, LOST, and 24, all of which I am caught up on and will be watching on TV with the masses.

6.  Balance.  Work, church, home, leisure, marriage, family…hoping to keep all the balls in the air in their proper place.

Wish me luck!


2 responses to “One of my Favorite Days of the Year!

  1. Yeah, good luck with number 6! I’d like to be able to master that also. If you figure it out, please share your techniques. In a perfect world there would only be leisure and family. Sometimes even those can be mutually exclusive. 🙂

  2. OK, I bought honeycrisp apples because you intrigued me, although they weren’t cheap. They are really yummy, though, and I’m usually a little picky about my apples.

    Went back to Curves tonight and laughed inside my head at the women “dancing” on the recovery stations, thinking of your blog post about that.

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