Frozen Falcon Wednesday

The day began when I woke up to freezing cold air on my face.  But the rest of me was snug underneath piles of heavy covers, as warm as could be!  Did I have to wake up in the dark, icy cold?  NO!  The roads were dangerous and school was canceled for the day.  Hooray!

So I’ve got some bonus time at home today, which is a perfect opportunity to work in my two new rooms, desperately in need of beautifying, and to catch up on my annual school-play-writing project, which has been hanging over my head especially menacingly this year.

And, since the sun is already out and the ice is melting, later this afternoon I can go to Lowe’s and buy blinds for the room, and I can go stock up on groceries at HEB.  Perfect timing!


5 responses to “Frozen Falcon Wednesday

  1. Oooh, that sounds so nice! I wish I could have had a snow day today. Can’t wait to see your new rooms!

  2. I was just reminiscing this morning about how I used to wish it would snow or ice so we could be off, but now I hope it doesn’t because I have to go to work anyway!

  3. Yup, saw your school on the closings listings and figured you’d be pretty happy about that. 🙂 John’s work opened at 10, so at least we had a leisurely morning.

  4. As it turns out, I get a snow day tomorrow!!! So excited.

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