A New Low in Personal Fashion

Last weekend I went on the hunt for some shoes for our upcoming vacation.  I wanted some black shoes that looked dressier than tennies but which still provided lots of comfort and support for days of walking.  I discovered that the selection was much better for BROWN shoes of this description, and I didn’t find any black ones that I loved.

The least-losery choice was a pair of black Sketchers brand shoes from Academy.  Stephen suggested that I try the selection at the Waco Academy to see if I could find something similar that I liked more.  So today I went by the store on my way home from work, and had no luck.

I saw my original choice immediately.  “Oh, those are uglier than I remembered.”  I thought.  I kept walking and checked out all of my other options.  Bottom line:  I didn’t love any other shoes, and of the new choices, my favorite was $44.  The shoes I had originally seen in Temple were $29.

“What is the harm in trying them on one more time?”  I thought.  And I did.  And, they were really comfortable.  And so I bought them.  Ugly, yet comfortable…am I really at this point in my life?  I’m not even 27!

And yet, I’m strangely excited about this purchase, and eager to try them out at work tomorrow.

UPDATE:  I’ve worn the shoes for two days, and my feet feel GREAT!  No complaints in the comfort department.  Here are the pics:




6 responses to “A New Low in Personal Fashion

  1. I have seen some black sketchers that are pretty cute. Post a picture or link. I too am all about the comfort. I have bought a lot of Naturalizers since teaching. Some are cuter than others. But I do wonder if they look grandma-ish.

  2. All the girls at my work wear these cutie heels, but I have to stand all day! So I rock my totally ugly Clarks flats every day – but the other girls will probably be jealous when they are paying $$$ to their podiatrist in a few years!

  3. I agree with T. I think we need to see a pic, maybe they are not as bad as you think.

  4. OK, yeah, to truly make this post worthwhile, a picture is in order.

  5. I am either in the “comfort is more important than fashion” phase or I must have bad taste. I have these shoes in brown and a similar pair in black, and I think they are pretty darn cute! I also like the added pleasure of no aching feet, which is a major plus that you will appreciate as your pregnancy progresses. Enjoy the new purchase!

  6. Thanks for the pics…I think their fine unless you are wearing them with white or bright colored socks.

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