Each, Peach, Pear, Bread… I spy Turniphead!


The emergence of the bump is a relatively new phenomenon…it’s kind of fun!  So that I can really have my cake and eat it too, little TH is riding high enough that even at four months, I’m still very comfortable in all of my regular-fit pants.  TH knows his way into his mother’s good graces already!

It made it especially convenient when it came to packing for the next week, when we are taking TH on his very first vacation!  This is a combination awesome family vacation and final pre-baby jaunt.  We’re heading with my whole fam to Heidelberg, Germany for seven days.  Now TH can’t say that we never took him anywhere!  We’ll have the pictures to prove it, which of course you can look forward to seeing here when we get back.


7 responses to “Each, Peach, Pear, Bread… I spy Turniphead!

  1. you are just too stinking cute.

  2. I see a bump! A cute bump at that! And, well, grrrrr that you can still wear your clothes. I still CAN’T!

  3. So cute! Have a great trip!!

  4. You know what they say if you are carrying high. Well, let’s just say I carried low.

  5. I absolutely LOVE the belly bump! You couldn’t be any cuter! I noticed you said “HIS” way into your good graces. Is that a sign??? Do you know yet?

  6. I am so excited to see proof of little TH! I hope you are having fun in Germany.

  7. @ Karen- that is what they say…however there are lots of other conflicting theories about the baby’s sex based on my other “symptoms.” It remains a mystery!

    @ Katie- We don’t know anything…still planning on a surprise. I’m using “his” as a generic pronoun… although almost everyone who is guessing out loud IS saying “boy.”

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