House Beautiful

Thanks to the tireless work of my FIL Wayne, the inside of our house is finished!  We’ve been in all of the rooms for about a month, and it’s wonderful!  Here’s your peek into Casa Watson:


Living Room- Before


Living Room- After!


Dining Room- Before

baby-0124After- not a dining room any more, but the second living room.  It’s hard to visualize, because I took this picture from the opposite angle…but I’m taking the “after” picture from the living room, through the doorway that you see in the “before” picture.

fall-08-108The Wood Room- formerly our  only living space.  Now, it’s…

baby-016The New Dining Room!  The big windows overlook the back yard.

Thanks, Wayne!


2 responses to “House Beautiful

  1. Your home looks beautiful! I love the floors and the warm paint colors. I bet it feels amazing to have it finally complete.

  2. Oooh, can’t wait to see baby room pics!

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