Stuff for TH!

In search of baby bargains, I ventured into a foreign world early on Saturday morning- garage sales.  Well, this was no ordinary garage sale–this is the annual community-wide garage sale at the Woodlands.  This Houston suburb has a reputation of being rather well-to-do, so I figured that their cast-offs might be worth scrounging around for. The catch?  We had to be in the Woodlands at 7 on Saturday morning.

It was actually pretty cool– all of the sellers were set up in a parking garage, so we just walked from level to level scoping out all of the loot.  There was LOTS of baby stuff there– but mostly toys, carseats, and baby clothes, which I was not really interested in.  Not much in the furniture department, which is really what I was looking for, but we came away with a few treasures that made the morning adventure well worth it!


Here is the stuff in the new baby room!  My two favorite finds are the cool antique rocker, which I love for its small scale and red fabric, and the stroller, which I practiced pushing around at the garage sale.  It came in handy to hold the rest of our purchases, and was easy to maneuver with only one hand as I finished off my Starbucks.  It is very lightweight and easy to fold and unfold–perfect, I’m thinking, for quick trips when the whole carseat/stroller is too much of a hassle, and good for when TH is wanting to sit up and see the world.

The other stuff you see in the picture:  a Boppy, a Bumbo, a bottle warmer, and a step stool (won’t need it for a long while, but it was cute!  and such a bargain!).  Also, my MIL Paula found us a great gently-used pack and play (with a bassinet!) in a really cute sage green pattern.  Since I didn’t find any shelves I wanted at the garage sale, we stopped by IKEA on the way out of Houston and picked up the cubby cubes, which Stephen assembled on Sunday.

In other TH news, I’m officially 20 weeks, which means TH is half way done!  I’m going in for my big ultrasound on Friday, where we’ll get to see him or her for the second time.  I’m excited to see how TH has developed from the little snowman blob he was last time he got his picture made.  But there’s one area we don’t want to see in any detail–we’re still committed to the BIG SURPRISE in August.

7 responses to “Stuff for TH!

  1. You’d be surprised how soon you can use the stool. I purchased one for Jack and used it to get in and out of our tall bed while pregnant, then later used it to sit on during bath time!
    Can’t believe you have the patience for the big surprise…maybe my third will be since I now have one of each! 🙂

  2. I need an updated photo for my phone…so I can say “Have you seen my grandchild? I just happen to have a picture.” 🙂

  3. Love the cubes!

  4. Anonymous was me. I accidentally hit “logout” instead of “submit comment”.

  5. precious. and i second that about the needing a new picture thing…but i won’t tell them it’s my grandchild.

  6. The rocker, rocks! I am super jealous of that find!

  7. By the way, you will love the 2nd ultrasound. We were able to see Owen’s facial profile perfectly. TH is going to look like the baby you will meet in Aug, just a little smaller.

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