U.S. Government According to Fourth Graders

I always do a brief study of the Constitution following our unit on the Revolutionary War.  This unit always makes me feel very patriotic, and it makes me proud to hear my students reciting the Bill of Rights and rattling off facts about the structure and purpose of government that would put the average voter to shame.

I gave the Constitution test on Friday, and all of the students did a great job.  But a few little spelling and handwriting mistakes led to some funny moments, which I thought I’d share…

From the Bill of Rights:

-The First Amendment give us the freedom of potion.  (petition)
-The Second Amendment gives us the right to bare arms.
-The Sixth Amendment give us the right to a seedy and public trial.  (my favorite misspelling!)
-The Seventh Amendment gives us the right to a trail by jury.

Government Structure and Principles:

-The United States government was founded on the principle of chicks and balances.
-The men and women appointed by the President to work for him in the executive branch are known as the President’s Cabin.

Purposes of government, according to the Preamble:

Provide for the common fence (across Mexican border, perhaps?)
Provide for the common wealth (another stimulus check, anyone?)
Promote General Welfare (don’t know who this is, but I’m sure he’ll appreciate it)

I love my little patriots!


3 responses to “U.S. Government According to Fourth Graders

  1. These are hilarious! You should send them in to Reader’s Digest!!

  2. I tried to send something in once, and I promise you the story I sent was way funnier than half the stupid things they put in there. Mine didn’t take.

    Those are really funny! I like the freedom to bare arms

  3. I agree about RD. I sent in an anecdote and did not even get a response. Lindsey, you should try to remedy this bad history. 🙂 Go for it!

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