Easter Mental Break

I didn’t take any work home with me over my extra-long Easter weekend, and it was wonderful!  By Monday night I felt like I had been away from school for a month.  I allowed myself a rare indulgence over my days off– hours and hours on end of ignoring all relationships and responsibilities and READING, just for fun.  I finished off the last two books in the Twilight series so that I could have some closure before the whirlwind of end-of-year responsibilities consumes my time.  Plus, I know that my days of leisure are numbered and that after August it will be harder to find hours and days to devote to reading vampire love sagas.  So I am taking advantage of these opportunities as I get them, and I’m not feeling guilty!

Now that I am finished with the series, my judgment of the story is not very changed–very enjoyable, light reading, with compelling a plot and characters, but TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE for young girl readers.  I did appreciate very much that the story ended with a “happily ever after” that affirmed marriage and family as the ultimate fulfillment. So I’ll give Stephenie Meyer props for that. Similarly, I did see the Twilight movie recently, and I did not like it very much at all! I am not planning to see any of the sequels.  The important casting was off, and all of the romantic scenes just seemed creepy.  Some things are just better left to the imagination!


2 responses to “Easter Mental Break

  1. there is actually a new director for the sequels, and from what i’ve heard, they seem like they’re going to be better. i enjoyed the first movie, but i agree, all the gazing was a little more creepy than romantic…

  2. Robert “Creeper” Pattinson is still in it, though, right?

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