Good, Bad, and Weird

So far pregnancy hasn’t really changed my life, although I know that the kid at the end of it all will.  It has been interesting, though, and since I’ve had a pretty easy time of it (so far), I’ve been able to stay very philosophical about it.  Here’s my verdict–there are things that are advantages, some drawbacks, and some things about it it that are just plain weird.

Positives first.

  • People are surprisingly interested in me as a person.  Acquaintances of mine around school and church who never spoke to me before are now regularly inquiring about my well-being, my health, my summer plans, and my job.  This sort of goes in the weird category, because I don’t really understand these relationships, but I’ll take it.
  • I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with the Mom Club, and similar to my previous point, I’m a little wary of other moms and moms-to-be who suddenly have decided that they want to be friends with me.  At the same time, partial membership in the Mom Club has helped me form some very useful bonds, so I’m not complaining.
  • My hand-me-down wardrobe has never inspired my beautiful little sisters, but it was fun last weekend to have them swoon over how cute I was every time I changed outfits.  I wore the exact same clothes that I have always worn, but because they pull tight around my middle, suddenly it’s attractive.  We’ll see if it’s still cute after TH arrives and I’m still thick around the middle.
  • Speaking of thick around the middle, I love not having to suck in my stomach.  Ever.
  • It’s nice to have an excuse not to lift heavy things or do manual labor.  I wish I had thought of this earlier in the home-renovating process!
  • Also nice to have someone to blame the ice cream cravings on.  I’ve been making the most of that one.
  • As a non-adventurous eater,  I am not that familiar with many fruits and vegetables.  My weekly updates from that compare my developing child to all sorts of produce from kumquats to spaghetti squash have heightened my awareness of the various foods that grow from vines and trees.
  • I also love having an excuse not to eat things I don’t like.  Baby says no!

Negatives–not too many, really.

  • I threw up four times in the early months.  Once was in a McAlister’s.  That was closer to a public toilet than I ever wanted to be.
  • I hardly ever drink adult beverages.  But I’ve been majorly craving forbidden drinks ever since Christmas.  I asked Stephen if he would bring me a margarita to the hospital, and he said no.
  • Midnight bathroom breaks are pretty standard even at this early stage.  Fortunately, I did have the foresight to claim the bathroom-facing side of the bed when we first moved into the house, so stumped toes are kept to a minimum.
  • Some good folksy music on the radio reminded me of Six Flags, and I had a hankering to ride the Texas Giant on a hot day.  I guess not this year.
  • My pants are finally getting tight enough to leave painful button imprints on my stomach at the end of the day.  But I am putting off paying money for stretchy-waisted maternity pants for as long as I can.  So meanwhile, my clothing options are limited.


  • Stomach-touching.  I don’t mind it normally but some people like to push boundaries.
  • Some people feel like the presence of a pregnant person makes it appropriate to tell very personal stories of their own pregnancy and childbirth experiences.  It’s still TMI.
  • My belly button is starting to stick out.
  • There’s a human being inside of me.  I feel him/her kick me from time to time, and I can’t explain yet that that is rude.
  • There’s a crib in my guest room.  Soon I’ll have something to put in it.  THAT is really strange to me.

Overall, I’ve gained a lot in exchange for some pretty minor inconveniences.  We’ll see if the scales stay tipped in the positive direction once the third trimester comes along with the heat of the summer!


10 responses to “Good, Bad, and Weird

  1. I miss you. Let’s hang out sometime soon.

  2. 1) At least you made it to the toilet in McAllisters.
    2)Common sense- If your pants are starting to hurt, and we all know you will eventually be forced to buy maternity clothes no matter what, why put it off? You’ll get more wear out of the clothes, and you’ll be more comfortable sooner. Truth is that most maternity clothes can last from 16-40 wks, so there is no use in holding off. It might be fun to be able to say that you are still in your normal pants, but no one can tell, unless you tell…

    The best places to buy maternity clothes are Old Navy and Target. However, only select Old Navy stores have maternity clothes, and we all know how much you love Target.

  3. i can’t imagine who would take the belly-touching too far…

  4. I know exactly how you feel.

  5. @ Abbey- I was trying to put off another purchase until my next credit card cycle, but I caved. More about that soon…

  6. I see…enjoy the new clothes.

  7. haha, Dad…and Leslie, who in the world is she talking about?

  8. i just don’t know… 🙂

  9. I craved adult beverages too when I was pregnant. It was definitely weird because I’m not a “regular” adult beverage consumer. Sheldon was evil (yes, evil is the proper term) and indulged on a margarita right in front of me too!

  10. It sounds like you might have already gotten maternity pants, but the Bella Band (or other brands like it) was great for that transition period. It allowed me to keep my pants but not have to button them…which, in my opinion, is the way they should always be worn.

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