I spent extra time debating my outfit in front of the mirror before going to work yesterday.  It was a pre-pregnancy outfit, and the shirt was stretched tight around my waist.  Was it accentuating the bump in a way that was cute?  Or, was the whole look kind of slutty-pregnant, which worked fine for Rachel Green in Friends but would be less appropriate for a fourth grade teacher at a classical school?

Finally it got to be 7:00, and I was out of time to put together an alternative outfit.  I figured I’d just go for it, reasoning that I could always hide out in my room more than usual if I decided to hate the outfit by the time I got to school.  No worries, I would just lay low.

So I got to school and was immediately reminded by a flier on my desk that this was  not a good day for laying low after all– it was picture day.  So now my belly bump outfit is front and center on the picture that will be blown up to a large size and framed in the school entry hallway.  Just for icing on the cake, the skirt I chose to wear yesterday is the exact one that I wore in last year’s school picture!  How embarrassing!  Hopefully some little squirt in the front row is giving bunny ears to his neighbor, and everyone can focus on that instead.

2 responses to “Oops.

  1. I guess this is a good opportunity to remember my mother’s wisdom– I used to worry about what people thought of me, until I realized that they didn’t.

  2. I’m glad to know something I said stuck with you. I’m not sure if that is the MOST important thing I ever taught you, thougn. 🙂

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