The Suite Life of Phoebe and Callie

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a pet post, so you non-animal people can deal with me here.  But since I’ve been home the last couple of days, I’ve been reminded of the two creatures in my little world who have perhaps the cushiest lives that I know.  Here’s a day in the life of my dogs:

8 AM- Wake up, whine to be let out of cage.

8:15- Exit cage.  Within minutes, eat breakfast and drink fresh water, courtesy of whichever human was on dog duty in the morning.

8:20- Stretch out on deck to enjoy cool of morning.  Don’t sleep, but blink into the sun.

9:45- Bark at trash man in the back alley.

9:50- Callie- lick Phoebe in the face.  Phoebe- think murderous thoughts about Callie but sit passively and take the licking

9:53- Move to sunny spot in the yard.  Continue to blink at sun, falling asleep optional.

11:00- Perk up ears to hear siren, howl.

11:15- Eat lunch

11:25- Nap

1:25- Afternoon exercise- chase squirrels and birds away from food dish, bark.

1:45- Cool down- trot around fence line

1:55- Move to shady spot in yard, rest

3:25- Growl menacingly at squirrels and birds near food dish.

5:00- Go inside, take nap on oversized pillow in living room.

5:30- Climb up on couch without being seen to observe street activity.  Give self away by barking at walking neighbors

5:45- Potty break outside, whine to be let back inside

6:00- Beg for food as humans prepare dinner.

6:30- Lie down for rest time on kitchen rug

7:00- Beg for food as humans eat dinner.

7:30- Extreme sports- weave in and out of feet of humans as they clean up kitchen.  Dog who succeeds in tripping one of the humans wins.

8:00- Pre-bedtime nap on pillow

9:00- Beg for attention from humans, initiate dog-human play

10:30- What a day!  Return to cage for good night’s sleep.


One response to “The Suite Life of Phoebe and Callie

  1. I miss their little begging stance.

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