Velcome to Babyland*

In the absence of anything more interesting to talk about, I thought I’d show you some pictures. We just got a new camera from Stephen’s parents, so I’ve been having fun trying to tap into my inner photographer.  The camera is a handy pocket-sized Nikon S220…I don’t really know much else about it, except that it is cute and purple, and that it takes pictures that are more than sufficient to keep up with my photography skills.

TH’s room is coming along nicely, and I thought I’d let you see the progress.

baby! 040

My mom has been awesome to make all sorts of wonderful things for this room, including the curtains and the quilt that is on the end of the bed.  Here’s a bigger view:

baby! 051

Leslie helped me one afternoon with the cute art on the wall over the bed, which are scenes from “Babar and His Family” glued onto canvas squares.

baby! 038

Here’s the other side of the room:

baby! 052

The bedding is more of my mom’s handiwork, as is the cute pillow which coodinates with the quilt.  I love the poster above the bed, which says “Good Stories Make Great Friends.”  Aunt Laurashmaura says this is a sure sign that I’ll be raising a nerd, but what can I say…it’s true!  I’d love to have another nerd in the family, and good books DO make great friends! The red rocker was that awesome find from the garage sale in the Woodlands way back in March, and I love the way it blends right in.  The crib is vintage… the one that all of my sibs and I slept in.  I know that all the latest baby advice says not to use old cribs, but I’m risking it.  I figure, if Alan couldn’t find a way to kill himself in this bed, it must be pretty safe, as no child of mine could possibly be more accident prone OR daredevilish than him.

baby! 047

Here is one of the first members of Turniphead’s stuffed animal collection, affectionately named Stephen the Hater Bear.  He is currently modeling one of TH’s cute FuzziBunz diapers while guarding the rest of the stash.

baby! 032

This was from the surprise shower that my Temple book club threw earlier this month.  We got some great stuff from our gift registry, as well as several very cute kid books!  Part of the fun surprise was that my sisters were all there, even Laura and Katy from out of town!

And, last but not least…the latest pic of the Bump, just for Carolyn:

baby! 043I had no idea I was looking so POINTY until I saw this picture!  This is the least weird of all of the pictures I made Stephen take.  You can notice the belly looking a little more round and normal in the first picture of this post.

*If this quote doesn’t automatically ring a bell, you should watch Father of the Bride, Part II more often.


15 responses to “Velcome to Babyland*

  1. The rooms looks beautiful, Lynsey! I can’t wait to see turniphead, and I hope he/she is a NERD. NERDS rock!

  2. Stephen the Hater Bear! Poor Stephen, he will not be able to live this one down. But as I recall, he deserved it. 😉

  3. Thank you, Lindsey! You are adorable with your cute bump! Love the book lovers nursery; how appropriate it is. Your mom’s sewing skills are awesome!

  4. 1. I told you that your belly was pointy! Guess you didn’t believe me…

    2. The room looks awesome! Great sewing all over the place!

    3. Yay 9 weeks!

    4. Bahaha at Stephen the Hater Bear…it totally fits, that frowny ole thing.

  5. The room looks awesome and you look cute! Fun times all around!

  6. I love the room. I had no idea your mom was so talented. It looks excellent!

  7. Thanks for all the nice compliments. I had no idea sewing for my grandchild would be such a fun venture. 🙂 Now for my next project…

  8. I absolutely LOVE TH’s Nursery. You have done a fabulous job decorating and making it so cozy and inviting. I am also planning on stealing the quote that is above the bed- so true and not nerdy in the least 🙂

  9. I need to hire your mom! I don’t have any quilter in my family. And your belly is cute. I bet TH is sideways or something in the picture. Those kids move so much at that stage.

  10. To Abbey: maybe we could trade for some photography…

  11. I was going to go shopping for props for TH’s newborn shoot within the next week or so. You guys be keeping your eyes open also. I’ve got a challenge not knowing the gender, but that will just make it more fun.

  12. What kind of props are we looking out for?

  13. Carol, I’ll e-mail you.

  14. I just got Bean some of the same great fabric because she’s obsessed with the ABC’s. Or, as she says, the ABCCs. I’m planning on making some pillowcases for her big girl bed.

    And I love that you’re calling your wee one Turniphead! That’s fabulous!

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