The greatest plans of mice and men…

The latest (and hopefully last) development in my work schedule is that I’ll be teaching two classes of fourth grade writing/grammar in the mornings.  This has been the class I’ve struggled with the most for the past years, partly because of curriculum issues and partly because writing is stinking hard to teach.  But just this past year we hit on some curriculum that I really liked, so I’m happy for another year to get this subject to awesomeness.  (Reading and history, my other two major class subjects I’ve developed over the past four years, are in great shape, and I feel totally comfortable handing them off to my replacement.)

Thanks to my impeccable timing, Turniphead’s due date is two days before the first day of school.  I am expecting him or her to come late, so I have some hopes (however unrealistic) of making an appearance at work for the first day of school at least, but I’m planning so that my long-term sub can teach my classes for the first six weeks.  (I figure any days I happen to be there at first will just be bonus, and I’ll still be thankful for detailed plans.)

So my project for this summer has been to develop week-by-week plans for the first twelve weeks of school (that’s 6 for the sub, and 6 for me to ease my transition back after maternity leave is up).  It’s been so fun, and I have to say…I have never thought this carefully about my lesson plans before!  I’ve been having fun planning out lessons and creating all of the worksheets and resources that will be necessary to implement them.  My ultimate project is to have each week’s materials in a separate folder, all ready for the copy machine.

Maybe that mental image does not make your heart go pitter-pat, but those of you who are teachers, or who are OCD, might be able to understand.  It’s fun to plan for school when I actually have the energy and mental space to really think about how to do it well!  It’s also nice to imagine that because of my careful planning, my sub will be able to get everything covered, my students will hit the ground running, and that Future Lindsey might actually be productive too, despite returning to work in a fog of sleeplessness and emotional exhaustion.

One response to “The greatest plans of mice and men…

  1. It does make my heart beat a little bit. I like thinking of all my nicely organized binders of units at school. Organization is great!

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