Well, folks, the end is near.  On Monday I’ll be 37 weeks, which means that TH has officially made it “full term,” although we don’t expect to see him or her make an appearance for at least another three weeks.  As D-Day has grown nearer, I’ve thought more and more about my pregnancy role model, the character O-lan from The Good Earth.  Now if you’ve read the book, don’t take this too far…there are lots of ways that I’m happy to be very different from O-lan.  But I keep picturing the scene in the book where O-lan is hugely pregnant, but she is still working out with her husband in the fields.  At lunch time, O-lan goes into the hut, prepares some food for her husband, delivers the baby, and comes back out in the afternoon to finish the day’s work with the new baby in a sling.  What a woman!

This month we’ve attended classes on labor and delivery, and I went for a two-hour lesson on, shall I say, feeding the baby with my biological equipment.  As I sat there in the classroom studying charts and graphs, watching instructional videos, and listening to nurse “experts” explain the “how-to’s” of these natural events, I couldn’t help but wonder what O-lan, or some of my other favorite natural women (Carolyn Ingalls, Abigail Adams) would say if they could see me.  I have been a little amused by the irony of taking a class to learn about functions of the human body that women (and babies) have been able to figure out for pretty much all of human history.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to stay busy and productive, O-lan style.  Okay, well, I do take pretty frequent breaks to sit and read, and I have opted for home organization projects and church volunteer work rather than manual labor in the fields.  But I still like to think of myself as a picture of self-denial and efficiency.

Next week will be my last true week of “summer”, as the A/C will come on at work in August and I’ll start trying to spend some days at school finalizing my fall plans.  So on my list of things to do for the week:

-buy hypoallergenic detergent and do a load of baby laundry
-get a haircut!  Something short and easy to take care of
-get nails put back on!  I always give my nails the summer off, but I am ready to be able to look at my hands without disgust once again.  (O-lan would definitely not approve.)
-work on new family budget
-finish book club selection A Thousand Splendid Suns
clean out pajama drawer, get rid of old PJ’s
-put nice scented drawer liners into clean PJ drawer and closet shelves
-catch up on baby thank-you notes
-wash bird poop off of car…again
-try at least one new recipe for dinner, cook at home at least two additional nights


5 responses to “WWOD?

  1. I had forgotten about O-lan. What a woman indeed! Way to aspire to greatness. 🙂

  2. I chuckled at your thoughts on the class! We wish you all the best in the delivery and coming transition. I look forward to seeing photos of the new Watson.

  3. yay for short haircuts!!

  4. this blog is amusing to me…you think too much, or maybe I don’t think enough…


  5. Detergent: Try All Free and Clear. Dreft is just too expensive!

    Nursing: Despite being quite natural and your being very informed, it’s still hard! I wish you the best with it, and I’m sure you’ll make O-lan proud!

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