Five Ways to Love the Quesadilla

I’m trying to find new ways to love eating at home…

1.  Snack on-the-go

Spray one side of a tortilla with olive oil.  Lay in a small skillet, top with cheese, toast until cheese is melted.  Fold in half to eat.

2.  You Can Call This Lunch

Butter one side of two tortillas.  Layer in a skillet with butter sides facing “out” and cheese on the inside.  Cook until toasted and cheese is melted, flipping with a spatula to evenly toast both sides.  Cut into fourths and eat with salsa for some extra nutrients.  Simply delicious.

3.  Lunch + Protein

Follow the same directions as above, but mix tiny chopped up bits of steak or chicken with the cheese (this is a great way to use fajita or taco leftovers).

4.  Lunch + Protein, vegetarian style

Follow same directions as above, but before adding cheese, spread a layer of refried beans on the inside of one of the tortillas.  I buy nonfat refried black beans, and I plan to experiment with making my own bean paste using whole black beans and a food processor to make the bean layer even more healthy.

5.  Quesadillas Mas Grande- can fill up a husband at dinnertime

1.  Heat a drop of olive oil in a skillet.  Add garlic, saute until fragrant.  Add frozen corn and minced red onion.  Saute until corn is toasted and onion is soft.  Add rinsed and drained black beans, heat through.  Use a fork to mash the mixture together a little bit.

2.  Spray the outside of a tortilla with olive oil, lightly salt.  Lay in skillet oil-side down, top with a layer of the bean mixture, and sprinkle with cheese.  Top with another tortilla, oiled and salted on the “top” side.  Toast until cheese is melted and bottom tortilla is crispy, carefully flip to toast other side.

Tips for All Stages:

1.  Do not flip quesadilla until cheese is mostly melted.  Your filling will fly everywhere.

2.  If you are making more than one quesadilla, cool off your skillet between each one by running cold water on it and drying it with a towel.  Otherwise as the pan gets hot, the tortillas will cook faster than your cheese melts and you’ll have to eat your quesadilla extra crispy.

7 responses to “Five Ways to Love the Quesadilla

  1. Excellent tips! I am a quesadilla fan myself, but hadn’t gotten this involved in the process. One thing I like to add to #3 is that I smear a little salsa in with the cheese and chicken and it makes it a bit more moist.

  2. Make your own bean paste from whole beans? Who are you and what have you done with my daughter??

  3. #5 sounds like a perfect quick dinner after an extra long faculty meeting.

  4. Yep…I made #5 yesterday!

  5. Recently we had a quesadilla party- we provided the cheese and tortillas and our friends brought their favorite fillings. At the end, we put dark chocolate and marshmallows in a folded tortilla and made smores! Not the best I’ve ever had, but still pretty tasty!

  6. Dessert quesadillas…I’ve never thought of that before!

  7. i love the “cool the skillet before the second quesadilla” tip. It’s my secret to perfect quesadillas.

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