Time’s Up for Turniphead

Yesterday I came home from my doctor’s appointment discouraged by my lack of progress.  We had scheduled an induction for the next day, but I had hoped it wouldn’t come to that.  Too unmotivated to nest, I put on my pajamas and flopped on the couch in front of one of my favorite movies.

When Stephen came home and found me, very un-O-lan-like, sleeping in front of a blue TV screen, he  kicked into action.  We talked for a bit about the doctor’s visit, and then he went to pick up some Chinese take-out for dinner.  We ate in front of the TV, watching three episodes of Alias in a row to finish off our disc.  I went to bed early to enjoy my last night of sleep in my own bed.  Just what I needed!

After getting home from work today, I finished my final round of chores, thinking “this is my last…” for every one.

1.  Drop off Alias to Blockbuster.
2.  Gas up car, splurge on car wash so baby gets a clean ride home
3.  Eat lunch– finish as many leftovers out of fridge as possible
4.  Toss remaining leftovers
5.  Empty trash
6.  Run dishwasher, put away clean dishes
7.  Fold clean towels in dryer
8.  Take a nap!!
9.  Pack final items in bag
10.  Last shower- wash hair and shave legs
11.  Send last-minute instructions to sub, who starts my job tomorrow.  (Now let it go!)

Things are about to get crazy around here!


12 responses to “Time’s Up for Turniphead



  2. Ya did good! I didn’t have any of that stuff done before Owen came…and I am still behind almost 3 years later.

  3. Hooray hooray hooray!! Can’t wait to see little TH!!

  4. 🙂

  5. Today’s the day… will eagerly await the news!

  6. Yes, can’t wait to hear the GREAT news!

  7. I just got an update- Lindsey has been having strong contractions and just got an epidural around 5pm, and they broke her water right after the epidural. The doctor said it might be a long night.

  8. At 7:00 this AM Lindsey started to push. TH should be here soon!

    -The soon to be proud aunt 🙂

  9. Wow, that was a long night! Can’t wait to hear the news…

  10. She is here… Abigail Emory Watson. 8lbs, 11oz 19 in long.

  11. Yay for little baby granddaughters!!!!!

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